• gidplastic
    Golf Balls
    https://www.gidplastic.com/products/surlyn-golf-balls.html />
    #solid #plastic #golf #balls

    Our golf ball is designed, produced, sold, and sold as an integrated process design. Surlyn (Na+, Zn2+) is the outer skin of golf ball, providing impact...  more
  • Solids Control Equipment in Solid-liquid Separation Industry
    https://www.oilsolidscontrol.com/solid-liquid-separation-systems.html /> #solid #liquid #separation

    Solids Control & Separation Equipment is a critical component in the Solid-liquid Separation...  more
  • Kimtigo
    https://www.kimtigoglobal.com/products/kimtigo-2-5-inch-ssd/ />
    #2.5 #inch #solid #state #drive

    KIMTIGO offers cost-effective 2.5-inch solid state drive products (2.5-inch SSD drive), perfect for entry-level players. Our 2.5-inch...  more
  • yansen com
    Yansen YSS600E is a well-balanced 2.5 SATA SSD with standard form factor and great performance. Designed in SATA 6 Gb/s interface, the SSD is able to deliver exceptional read/write speed, making it the ideal companion for heavy-loading industrial or...  more
  • yansen com
    SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives are faster, more reliable and much more efficient than normal hard drives (HDD). SSD hard drives are ideal for using in laptops, but they're also a great pick for desktop PCs, with quick start-up speeds and silent...  more
  • lulu com
    CT1 is a coffee table that can sit alongside with home sofa as a side table or the centerpiece of a venue. The coffee table features a modern design, this simple sleek and comprehensive occasional piece supported by natural solid wood.

    CT1-Round Solid...  more
  • lulu com
    This is a combination coffee table, which is composed of two coffee tables with different sizes and heights. The smaller one can be placed under the larger one when not in use, which can better save space. When in use, it can be pulled out to form a...  more
  • Ray Kol

    #solid #phase #extraction #cartridge
    RayCure SPE series provides high-quality SPE cartridges for various types of solid phase extraction, including manifold, vacuum as well as automated solid phase extraction equipment, well compatible...  more
  • Ray Kol

    #solid #phase #extraction #column

    RayCure SPE series provide pre-packed SPE columns with a variety of sorbents, resins and cartridge size for various methods and target analytes. There are four types of RayCure SPE categorized by...  more
  • KKR
    KKR is fast becoming one of China's leading solid surface stone baths & luxury bathrooms exporters, as we are focusing on high-class stone freestanding baths & basins since 2000. Our factory has an advanced 30,000 square meter production facility with an...  more
  • Yang Jun
    JKZ Electronic has been engaged in the manufacturing of induction heating equipment for nearly 30 years. At present, there are currently more than 10,000 JKZ induction heating devices working all over the world. These induction heating inverters are...  more
  • hbte tech
    Programmable Solid State Switch

    #normally #open #solid #state #limit #switch

    HBTE provides you with a very reliable programmable solid-state switch, which can be the character of ultra-wide bandwidth, low insertion loss, etc. It supports a variety of...  more
  • Andrea Smith
    INNOX #waste #cover the whole of the South of England from our base in Ashford, Kent. We are a new company founded on a history of #waste #removal and #solid #health and #safety foundations driven by a highly motivated team. #wasterecycle For more info...  more
  • Solid carbide rod is the most general shape of tungsten carbide blank material for cutting tools. And for cutting tools application, tungsten carbide grain size ranges from sub-micron to nano, because small tungsten carbide size enables the cutting tool...  more
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