• Signal Isolator

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    Mornsun signal isolators isolate the electrical devices which connect the instruments in industrial fields with the control room. They isolate between the input power and output power, input signal and...  more
  • Danping Li
    CZ2000 range signal conditioners use high-efficiency electromagnetic isolation technology to achieve reliable galvanic isolation among power supply,input,and output, which effectively solves the problem of field interference in industrial automation...  more
  • Sinowatcher LED street lights is very abstract but modern and eco-friendly. LED street lights offer a wide selection of lighting fixtures, styles, and advanced optical designs with hundreds of photometric options to meet the needs for new construction...  more
  • Sinowatcher traffic safety products including solar warning lights, road stud, solar speed sign, and the mobile traffic signal lead driver mainly used to highway, crossing roads, parking lot, or underground garage path. It helps to improve road safety...  more
  • Features and Advantages
    Application: tunnels - delineation, pedestrian crossing
    Low energy consumption and synchronization with traffic light signals
    Resistant to dust and water IP67
    Mechanical resistance: 80 tons
    The housing of...  more
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