Biometric Products
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    Biometric device are advanced security solutions that use unique biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, and voice recognition, to...  more
  • MAP MS
    Camshaft Position Sensors #cam #sensor #car Camshaft Position Sensor is a sensing device, also known as synchronous signal sensor. It is a cylinder discrimination and positioning device, inputs camshaft position signal to ECU, is the main control...  more
  • ekingst
    EtCO2 Modules
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    #capnography #module
    #sidestream #and #mainstream #capnography
    The end-tidal carbon dioxide modules (etco2 modules) independently developed and produced by Kingst can...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Wavelength Interrogator
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-wavelength-interrogator.html /> #fiber #optic #strain #sensor

    The FBG Wavelength Interrogator AGSWA is designed to be a robust, reliable and long-term filed operation for the FBG sensing...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Tilt Sensor
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-tilt-sensor.html /> #fiber #optic #sensor

    FBG Tilt Sensor TL-01 has a linear relationship between the reflection wavelength and the tilt angle. It is suitable for temporary or permanent monitoring....  more
  • neoway com
    Make use of Internet of things to deliver a higher level of efficiency, and to increase productivity and reduce costs for your business.


    Fleet Management

    Wi-Fi Hotspot

    Usage-based Insurance

    Vehicle Finance

    #smart #sensor #suppliers
    ...  more
  • Tianguang
    Static Torque Sensor
    The static torque sensor is a sensor used to measure the torque value of discontinuous rotation. We provide 4 kinds of torque sensors with different installation methods for customers to choose...  more
  • hxtechnology
    Instrument and Apparatus
    https://www.hx-technology.com/pcba-instrument-and-apparatus/ />
    #proximity #sensor #circuit #board

    Printed circuit board assemblies are vital parts for the measurement function in the application of instruments and apparatus. For...  more
  • zillion techs

    #china #infrared #array #sensor

    Zillion Techs is well known as the first commercial InGaAs imaging manufacturer and one of the leading image sensor manufacturers in China. We offer three main modes of...  more
  • zillion techs

    #contact #image #sensor #technology

    Zillion Techs provides various of SWIR LENSES & ACCESSORIES for short wave IR camera that can satisfy your requirements in different aspects, including Fixed...  more
  • lansoinstruments
    Our current line of an instrument used to measure pressure features Gas Density Monitor Series, Pressure Gauges and Meters, Differential Gauges, Diaphragms and Valves, Online Monitoring Systems, Filling Fluids and Accessories. Primary clients industries...  more
  • topo sensor
    Epoxy Thermistor
    https://www.toposen.com/products/epoxy-thermistor.html /> #industrial #sensor #manufacturers
    Material: Semiconductor ceramics/epoxy
    Applicable temperature range:-40~125℃
    Output signal: analog signal...  more
  • topo sensor
    Enameled Wire Thermistor
    https://www.toposen.com/products/enameled-wire-thermistor.html /> #industrial #sensor #suppliers
    Material: Semiconductor ceramics/epoxy/Enameled wire
    Applicable temperature range:-30~90℃
    Output signal: analog...  more
  • topo sensor
    Electric Meter Temperature Sensor
    https://www.toposen.com/products/electric-meter-temperature-sensor.html /> #sensor #products
    Material: Thermistor/PVC Wire
    Applicable temperature range:-30~120℃
    Output signal: analog signal...  more
  • topo sensor
    Charging Pile Temperature Sensor TPS200724-11
    https://www.toposen.com/products/charging-pile-temperature-sensor.html /> #industrial #sensor #manufacturers
    Material: NTC glass-sealed thermistor / high-temperature Teflon wire / PVDF heat...  more
  • topo sensor
    BBQ Meat Probe Temperature Sensor
    https://www.toposen.com/products/bbq-meat-probe-temperature-sensor.html /> #industrial #sensor #suppliers
    Material: 0.8mm single-ended glass-sealed thermistor/SUS304 stainless steel probe/308℃ dual-channel...  more
  • hxtechnology
    HX technology is determined to provide high-quality telecommunication services, including PCB telecommunication, 5g PCB design, current sensor PCB, current sensor PCB, and so on. Despite other parts, PCB assembly plays a crucial role in telecommunication...  more
  • topo sensor
    High-temperature glass sealed thermistor and wire nose epoxy resin encapsulation, fast response speed, good water resistance.

    Material, length, size, chip, heat resistance can be customized. Without stock, samples can also be...  more
  • senba sensor

    D202X is 2 elements PIR sensor, with small detection angle. Mainly used for toys and other small angle requirement products.

    PIR sensor sense the motion object, always used to detet the human. There is a detect rang for the PIR sensor. When a...  more
  • senba sensor

    PIR sensor module developed for human body detection. An integrated PIR sensor combined with a fresnel lens which is mounted on a compact PCB, and limited components to form the module. Delay time, lux is adjustable. Customization is...  more
    InGaAs SWIR Short Wave Infrared Technology

    #image #sensor #technology #sensitivity #price

    At GHOPTO, our clients receive full access to unrestricted performance and full supply-chain control: from the unprocessed starting material (usually...  more
  • alphainstruments
    Product Description
    The low cost Model 161 Series are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. Each unit features a stainless steel pressure sensor, a stainless steel back cover and a plastic enclosure, which meets the NEMA 1...  more
  • X5-HR Screw Type Crawler The X5-HR all-terrain pipeline robot consists of three parts: a spiral propeller crawler, a cable reel, and a display and control terminal. It is suitable for environments where conventional CCTV detection robots cannot detect...  more
    X5-HR Sewer Pipe Inspection Crawler Camera Robot | Easy Sight
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensor
    #ultrasonic #level #sensor #supplier

    Liquid level and material level measurement is a problem often encountered in the industry. Ultrasonic positioning technology has many advantages. It can not only fix points and continuous...  more
    Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter Sensor Indicator Gauge Trans
  • Mini Pressure Transmitter
    #explosion #proof #level #sensor

    Mini pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic signal or electric signal for control and remote transmission. It can convert physical pressure parameters such as...  more
    Types Of Miniature Pressure Transmitter Transducer Sensor Manufa
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