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    5lb big size quad seal bags, the most cost effect bags per kg. They can makes you achieve best flavor quality with your coffee and protect...  more
  • Engineer Seal Stamps
    Engineer Seal Stamps — at Richmond.
    The Architect Red Seal Handheld Embosser combines precision and style, delivering crisp and professional impressions with ease. Crafted with a red seal design, this handheld embosser adds a touch of sophistication to documents, certificates, and more....  more
  • SaiImpression
    We manufacture & supply a variety of customizable #TemperEvidentlabels with standardized & customized range of products to our clients as per their demands.

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    Connect with us! +91-95974 22522 / 73589 99685 |...  more
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    Caterpillar Pump Parts Seal Kit

    Elephant Fluid Power: Provide Cat series Hydraulic pump seal kit, original OEM pump parts and auxiliary factory pump parts.

    Elephant Fluid Power: guarantee quality and appropriate prices, and perfect after-sales...  more
  • lansoinstruments
    Diaphragm pressure gauges are mainly used to measure the pressure of special media such as high-viscosity media, granular media, crystallizable media and easy-to-solidification media.
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  • seal con
    Flygt Mechanical Seals Plug in Seals with Plastic Housing

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    Flygt Mechanical Seals Plug in Plastic
    Replacement for:
    Plug in seals with plastic housing
    Original Sweden design
    cartridge design
    big stock
    wilo pumps
    ITT...  more
  • seal con
    Flygt Mechanical Seals FSU-90 Upper Parts For Flygt 3230/3500/3501/3300 Pum

    #flygt #3300 #fsu #seal
    Flygt Mechanical Seals FSU-90
    Replacement for:
    FSU-90 upper parts for flygt 3230, 3500, 3501 pump
    FSU-90 upper parts for flygt 3300, 3305, 3310, 3311,...  more
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    Flygt Mechanical Seals FEU-22 Upper Parts for Flygt 2070/2102-40/3082 Pump

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    Flygt Mechanical Seals FEU-22
    Replacement for:
    FEU-22 upper parts for flygt 2070 pump
    FEU-22 upper parts for flygt 2102-40 pump
    FEU-22 upper parts for flygt 3082...  more
  • seal con

    #flygt #pump #mechanical #seal #installation
    Flygt mechanical seals are usually used in the Swedish ITT Flygt mixer and submersible sewage pumps. They are one of the essential Flygt pump parts for mechanical seal Flygt pump . The...  more
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    #elastomer #bellows #mechanical #seal
    ost effective and mass-produced Mechanical Seal with Rubber Bellow (elastomeric bellow)
    Types of Elastomer Bellow Mechanical Seals
    Designed by single or double, Hangzhou...  more
  • In order to solve the connection and seal problem between cemented carbide seal ring and ring seat, four kinds of combination methods are used, hot assembling, with plastic sealing ring, welding, and brazing.

    Combined tungsten carbide seal ring is...  more