• TeamfulSealing
    Rubber-coated Metal Material (RCM)
    https://www.teamfulseal.com/products/rubber-coated-metal-rcm-material/ /> #rubber #coated #material
    Teamful sealing rubber coated metal material applied uniformly rubber coating on the surface of base metal steel through a...  more
    Arrester Silicone Rubber
    https://www.gdyfpower.com/products/arrester-silicone-rubber/ />
    #surge #arrester #silicone #rubber
    Arrestor Silicone Rubber is a type of silicone rubber designed to protect electrical systems from surges and lightning strikes. YF...  more
  • PingAn
    Rubber Buoys
    https://www.ddrubber.com/products/rubber-buoys/ />
    #rubber #buoys

    At our company, we specialize in offering the highest quality rubber buoys for marine industry applications. Our buoys are crafted from the finest materials, and are designed...  more
  • PingAn
    Rubber Boat Flooring
    https://www.ddrubber.com/products/rubber-boat-flooring/ />
    #rubber #backed #marine #carpet
    When it comes to flooring on a boat, rubber boat flooring is the way to go. Rubber boat flooring is a great choice for boats because it is...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Silicone Prototyping

    Soft Rubber rapid prototype, Hardness is generally between shore A 30~90 degrees, because soft rubber plastic prototype has flexibility, it is widely used in the rapid prototype industry. The processing method of soft plastic rapid...  more
    Chloro butyl rubber CIIR is a copolymer rubber of chloro isobutylene and isoprene. It has many of the attributes of butyl rubber, including low gas and moisture permeability, good vibration damping, low glass transition temperature, excellent resistance...  more
    Butyl rubber is a synthetic elastomer made by combining isobutylene and isoprene. It is a white or off-white translucent elastomer with a density of 0.91~0.92g/cm. Butyl rubber has poor molecular chain flexibility and compact structure, and its air...  more
    Bromo butyl rubber BIIR is a copolymer rubber of bromo isobutylene and isoprene. It is derived from halogenating butyl rubber with bromine in a continuous process. Bromo butyl rubber possesses other fundamental advantages including stability at high...  more
    TMQ is a very important category rubber antioxidant. It has a good protective effect for heat, oxygen and fatigue aging, and stronger inhibitory effect for metal catalytic oxidation, no spray cream phenomenon, widely used in the manufacture of tyres,...  more
  • powerful magnets
    22x6mm Hold 3.5kgs
    Diameter 22mm
    Thickness 6mm
    Thread M3 - M6
    Weight 9
    Color black
    Pull Force(Kg) 3.5
    It' s smallest rubberized pot magnets that with internal thread mounting hole,standard size is 22mm in diameter and 6mm in thick,they hold about...  more
  • niceonetech com
    Repair the Non-Conductive Silicone Rubber Keypads
    https://www.niceone-tech.com/repair-the-non-conductive-silicone-rubber-keypads.html /> #how #to #make #conductive #silicone #rubber
    In life, we often encounter silicone rubber keypad products, TV remote...  more
  • dehaiyouli
    Silicone Rubber Products Application
    https://www.dehaiyouli.com/silicone-rubber-products-application.html /> #silicone #rubber #bag
    DHAYL high tear silicone rubber sheet adopts the world-famous brand of high-quality silicone vacuum membrane raw materials,...  more
  • dehaiyouli
    HTV Silicone Rubber Compound
    https://www.dehaiyouli.com/products/silicone-rubber-compound.html /> #silicone #rubber #compound
    Dehai Youli is raw silicone rubber and silicone rubber company. Our silicone rubber compounding including gas-phase silicone...  more
  • genvan
    Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber (250 and 300 centigrade Degree) #is #silicone #rubber #heat #resistant GA-60*1series heat resistant silicone rubbers have excellent heat resistance properties, which can make the transparent product. Product contact...  more
  • genvan
    General Purpose Silicone Rubber For Molding (Precipitated/Fumed) #general #purpose #silicone #rubber A very capable all-around material with good physical and mechanical properties, high and low-temperature resistance, aging resistance, and prolonged...  more
  • genvan
    General Purpose Liquid Silicone Rubber (Precipitated/Fumed) #liquid #silicone #rubber #china GA-29series products have high transparency, good mechanical, short curing time, etc. properties. Products in contact with food need to be treated under...  more
  • genvan
    Antibacterial silicone rubber (Precipitated/Fumed) #antimicrobial #silicone #rubber GA-5250-X0 and GA-5250-X1 series antibacterial silicone rubbers are suitable for producing all kinds of kitchen utensils, sundries, and wearable products. High...  more
  • genvan
    High-Transparent Fumed Silicone Rubber #rubber #transparent GA-33*1 series transparent silicone rubbers have high strength, high transparency, etc. properties; products contact with food or used for medical items need to do the two-process treatment...  more
  • genvan
    Thermally Conductive Silicone Rubber #heat #conductive #silicone #rubber GA-96*0 series thermal conductivity silicone rubbers have good thermal conductive property, excellent heat transfer performance.

    Features of Thermal Conductivity Silicone...  more
  • genvan
    High Tear Strength Silicone Rubber for Molding (Precipitated/Fumed) #high #tear #strength #silicone #rubber GA-71*0 series high tear strength silicone rubbers have high elongation, high tear strength, mold release good, etc. properties. this product...  more
  • Profound com
    Silicone Connector
    A silicone rubber connector is commonly known as zebra rubber strip, by an alternating layer of conductive and insulating silicone after vulcanization. The performance of a silicone rubber connector is stable and reliable, and the...  more
  • Profound com
    Noise Canceling Silicone Earbuds
    The active noise reduction function is to neutralize the noise by generating reverse sound waves equal to the external noise through the noise reduction system, so as to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Active...  more
  • Roger Tian
    Construction Tires
    https://www.chinaotr.com/products/construction-tires.html /> #superior #tire #& #rubber #corp
    Construction Tires
    The Ortec construction tire range includes a variety of construction equipment tires for backhoe loaders, telehandlers,...  more
  • packsonmould packsonmould
    Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

    #liquid #silicone #rubber #injection #molding

    Silicone rubber injection molding has more than a half-century history since the late 1970s. There are two molding ways of it: Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding...  more
  • rishengmagnets
    Rubber Coated Magnets
    https://www.rishengmagnets.com/products/rubber-coated-magnets.html /> #rubber #coated #neodymium #magnets
    Rubber coated magnets (also called Plastic coated magnets) are consist of neodymium magnets or pot magnets with a protective...  more
  • dehaiyouli
    Flat Belt Roll Materials
    https://www.dehaiyouli.com/products/flat-belt-roll-materials.html />
    #rubber #belting #material

    To meet the various demands of different customers and to better serve the application market, we can also offer roll materials for...  more
  • yp promotion
    Bulk Buy Our Custom Made Logo White Silicone Rubber Bracelets for Sale #white #rubber #wristbands With High temperature and Non-cracking characteristics, long service life and Wear-resistant. https://www.yppromotion.com/products/white-silicone-bracelet.html
  • yp promotion
    Buy DIY Rainbow Silicone Rubber Band Bracelets Wholesale #rainbow #rubber #wristbands Advertising and business promotion and party, wedding gift, like purple silicone wristbands suitable for all people. ...  more
  • yp promotion
    Buy Custom Purple Silicone Rubber Bracelets in Bulk #purple #rubber #wristbands If you need to add a paper card color card please inform, in order to calculate the unit price, can also provide, our company can be free of charge on behalf of...  more
  • yp promotion
    Order Our Personalized Printed Silicone Rubber Wristbands Bulk #custom #printed #rubber #wristbands Enterprises choose this product to give gifts or a product promotion or exhibition publicity, conference souvenir, opening ceremony and so on will...  more
  • Mixing Silicone Rubber #mixing #silicone #rubber Packaging and shipping: the product adopts double corrugated carton packaging, net content 20 kg per piece. Please store in a cool, ventilated and dry place, away from fire and heat, sealed storage. ...  more
  • Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber #methyl #vinyl #silicone #rubber ZT-110 Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber can be widely used in various fields of silicone compounds including silicone rubber for molding and for extrusion.

    It basically mixed with fillers and...  more
  • hoan isolator
    The JMZ-T series rubber sandwich mounts is the new designed model, which is designed especially for the military use. Comparing with the wire rope isolators, this model is small and tinny, which has no worrying about the space limits.

    The max static...  more
  • hoan isolator
    JMZ-1-3.0A rubber isolation mounting feet belongs to the JMZ-1 series. It adopts the structure of double spring and special friction plate. It has good impact resistance and a 3 kg maximum rated load. It can vibrate isolation in any direction. This type...  more
  • hoan isolator
    Applications of Vibration Absorber Rubber
    Rubber vibration isolator is the most widely used vibration isolator, it is widely used in various fields like the vehicle, shipping, automobile, plane, bridge and instrument. Rubber vibration isolator is using...  more
  • hoan isolator
    According to the seismic simulation shaking table test and seismic measured results, it is shown that the structural acceleration response of the rubber isolation system with the sandwich layer is only 1 / 4-1 / 12 of the velocity response of the...  more
  • Capacity: 50-60kg/h
    Total power: 30Kw
    Length of whole line: 8m
    Diameter of screw: 65mm

    Details or Advantage
    Details or Advantage
    1) It is equipped with the harden teeth surface gear reducer box.reducer material: 20CrMoTi; rodents form: Helical surface;...  more
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
    BA-01 FDA Approved Eco- friendly Charcoal Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush
    Eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush With Wide Head
    Kids Eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush
    Eco-friendly PLA Toothbrush
    Eco-friendly PLA Toothbrush
    Use of renewable...  more
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