The storage space of the rectangular pencil case is larger than that of other pencil cases, and it is generally combined with the design of multiple compartments for products that require classified storage. You...  more
  • powerful magnets
    Samarium Cobalt(SmCo) Bar Magnets 50.8x12.7x12.7mm(2" x 1/2"x 1/2"
    Magnetic Performance: Br: 10.4 kGs, Hcb: 9.8 kOe, Hcj: 10.6 kOe, (BH)max: 26 MGOe

    Magnetic Strength: 31 LBS each

    Pole Orientation: Magnetized through 1/2", magnetic poles are on the...  more
  • zhib eneco
    Our eco-friendly rectangular gift boxes are various in shapes. They are very light and easy to carry. We do customized gift boxes according to clients' specific requirements. #rectangular #gift #box ...  more
  • A Hollow Structural Section, or HSS, is a type of metal with a hollow tubular section. These sections can be circular (CHS), square (SHS) or rect angular (RHS). http://www.steelplatecut tingpart.com/products/square-or-rectangular-tube.html #4140...  more
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth 1808
    Wantu PVC table cloths are made of 100% plastic material. We can offer OEM and ODM service. To meet different markets` demand, we can make normal quality and eco-friendly top quality. All goods are factory wholesale, and we are...  more
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth
    We are the leading manufacturer of PVC tablecloth in China, our tablecloth has the domestic leading PVC technology and most competitive price for whoever wants to buy table cover. If you want to know more about our PVC tablecloth,...  more
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