• Muthu Kumar
    Ampliz - We're experts in generating leads for B2B companies and we have an impressive track record of generating right quality leads who are ready to buy now. All you need is:

    1) One free minute of your time

    2) A company website

    3) A company email...  more
  • Muthu Kumar
    A guide for sales prospecting by providing the basic introduction of this skill, how it can be done in a different way that is productive and efficient. A marketing strategy where a company uses data on past sales leads to identify new prospects.

    You're...  more
  • Muthu Kumar
    Sales Data intelligence is a term that refers to the data and insights that help sales teams close more deals. It can encompass everything from customer data to market trends.

    But how does sales intelligence actually help boost b2b sales? By providing...  more
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