Drop Out Fuse/Cutout Switch
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    #drop #out #fuse #working #principle
    Drop out fuse cutout switch refers to an electrical appliance that blows the melt and disconnects the circuit with the heat...  more
  • solarlaminator
    Fully Automatic Solar Laminator #solar #laminator #working #principle Fully Automatic solar laminator is the most important process in the whole solar panel production line. It is used to bond multiple layers of materials (Glass, EVA, Solar cell,...  more
  • Gopower com
    Working Principle
    Circuit breaker, also known as air switch, automatic circuit recloser. When the working current exceeds the rated current or short circuit and voltage loss occurs, the auto circuit recloser circuit will be automatically cut off....  more
  • bbtme dical
    Ultrasonic generator is a kind of equipment that converts the mains power into the corresponding high-frequency AC power of the transducer, to drive the transducer to work. It is an important part of high-power ultrasonic system. It can also be called...  more
  • bbtme dical
    Ultrasonic level gauge is a non-contact instrument dedicated to continuous measurement of liquid level. It mainly sends out high-frequency ultrasonic pulses through an ultrasonic transducer. When it encounters the surface of the liquid level to be...  more
    The main components of solar street lights are solar panels, batteries, controllers, and LED light sources. The working sequence: solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts them into electric energy, then the electric energy...  more
  • xinpin model
    What is Selective Laser Sintering

    #selective #laser #sintering #working #principle

    SLS 3D Printing (Stereo Laser Sintering) makes use of a high power optic laser that fuses small powder particles layer by layer to produce complex and durable geometric...  more
  • Jiang Simon
    Working Principle and Maintenance of Car Intercoolers
    A considerable number of people will consider cars with a "T" when choosing a car, that is, a model with a turbocharged engine. Because the turbocharged engine has a higher ventilation efficiency than...  more
  • SOXI
    The water-cooled screw refrigeration unit adopts a shell and tube condenser, which has fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect. It can provide ice water at 5~35℃, and the low temperature type can be as low as...  more
  • Tianguang
    S Type Load Cell
    The TJL-1 series load cells are S-type tension load cells. This sensor adopts a classic S-type structure with high accuracy; the two ends are threaded, which is convenient for installation and can be...  more
  • Saideli com
    Industrial Centrifugal Dryer Machine integrates separating, drying, sterilization, with perfect seal system, absolute security and is particularly suitable on high potency compounds, pharmaceutical output stages, highly toxic...  more
  • Telescopic Man lift 20-22M
    http://www.assistant-forklift.com/products/telescopic-man-lift-20-22m.html />
    #forklift #working #principle

    We are professional Telescopic Man lift 20-22M supplier and factory in China. We can produce the product according to...  more
  • Narrow Aisle Lift Truck

    #forklift #working #principle

    Narrow Aisle Lift Truck CQDH15C (double scissors) Detailed Specifications

    CQDH15C (double scissors)

    Drive type


    Load capacity/Rated load

    Load centre...  more
  • Manual Stacker SDJA1000-SDJA1500

    #forklift #working #principle

    CTY hand stacker is kind of high-quality manual pallet stacker, max load capacity is 3000kg, and the max lifting height is 1600mm. We are professional Manual Stacker SDJA1000-SDJA1500...  more
  • IC Forklift

    #forklift #working #principle #articulated #fork #truck

    IC Forklift (Internal Combustion Forklift) Features
    Lower pollution
    High efficiency hydraulic system decreases the fuel consumption
    This lift truck is equipped with high performance...  more
  • sunchienergy
    DC Inverter Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

    #immersion #heater #working #principle

    DC inverter home using hot water heat pump boiler, 5kW with 200L tank produce 55℃ hot water, max 60 hot water, 220V ~50Hz/60Hz power supply.
    Product...  more
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