• Sue Wang
    Requirements for Processing Profiles of the Cold Roll Forming Machine
    https://www.jinggongmachine.com/requirements-for-processing-profiles-of-the-cold-roll-forming-machine.html />
    #polyurethane #sandwich #panel #machine

    1. What are the blanks of the...  more
  • atpolymer com
    Chemical foaming modification is conducted to the proportion of 0.70-0.80.

    "HPPO series lightweight polymer products are foamed with high-performance and controllable technology. They are a new type of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic...  more
  • apscreens com
    Square Polyurethane Screen Mesh
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/square-pu-mesh/ /> #polyurethane #mesh
    Anpeng PU-Mesh is made of abrasion-resistant polyurethane materials with a steel wire structure embedded. PU-Mesh comes in square or slotted opening...  more
  • Sue Wang
    Influencing Factors and Prospects of Polyurethane Rigid Foam Materials and Product Properties
    https://www.jinggongmachine.com/influencing-factors-and-prospects-of-polyurethane-rigid-foam-materials-and-product-properties.html /> #polyurethane #sandwich...  more
  • Sue Wang
    Basic Knowledge About the Pleating Machine Equipment in the Rock Wool Production Line

    #polyurethane #sandwich #panel #production #line

    1. Pleating machine in rockwool production line is widely used in textile industry

    There is a wide variety of...  more
    ·Convenient to use: organic silicon modified polyurethane type, good waterproof, easy to repair.
    ·Neutral, no corrosion for many metals, anti-yellowing. Outstanding bond strength for hard to bond materials without the...  more
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