Biometric Products
    https://www.miaxis.net/products/ /> #biometric #sensor #pdf
    Biometric device are advanced security solutions that use unique biological characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans, and voice recognition, to...  more
  • dtnut com
    https://www.dtnut.com/products/bs-4395-1-structure-nuts/ /> #bs #4395 #pdf
    DT Fastener, as a professional structural nuts supplier, offers quality BS 4395-1 structure nuts at great prices. The BS standard is...  more
  • bosheen com
    1.Ozone sterilization
    2.Smart sensor automatically opens and closes the lid
    4.Slow start and slow descent
    5.One key to keep the lid open
    6.Seal and lock
    7.Dry and wet garbage classification, recycling storage box
    Specifications of Sensor...  more
  • CAD Outsourcing Services
  • HenanTostaMachineryCoLtd
    Double Girder Trolley Hoist
    https://www.zggroupcrane.com/products/double-girder-trolley-hoist/ /> #cranes #pdf
    Double Girder Trolley Hoist can be installed on a double girder overhead crane as its lifting mechanism. The rated load is up to 80t.

    Advantages...  more
  • HenanTostaMachineryCoLtd
    Double Girder Overhead Crane
    https://www.zggroupcrane.com/products/double-girder-overhead-crane/ /> #crane #pdf
    Double girder overhead cranes are usually used in open warehouses or railways and other places to carry out common loading and unloading and...  more
  • jly mim
    MIM stand for Metal Injection Molding, it's a forming method of a metal parts and can provide a nearly unlimited shape, geometric-feature capability, high-production rates through the use of multi-cavity tooling. Compared with conventional technology...  more
  • learnchineseinkunming
    HSK Training

    #hsk #standard #course #6 #pdf

    Small Class & One-on-one; student visa provided

    KCEL offers HSK courses from Level 1 to Level 6, All our HSK teachers are very experienced and are certified by Hanban (HSK test official agency). Before...  more
  • meisuoptics
    2D Fiber Bundle #fiber #bundles #pdf omplementary to single mode fiber bundle, 2-D tapered fiber optic cable bundle uses flat-bottom groove and lid to stack multiple fibers tightly together in a rectangular or circle arrangement.

    Fiber Bundle...  more
    Fiber Optic Bundle, 2D Multimode Fiber Bundle, Custom Design & F
  • hbplusmed
    Hospital Furniture Manufacturer
    Shinebright is not only a professional hospital bed manufacturer, but also professional in one-stop providing customer related hospital furniture products. Such as medical trolleys, ward accessories, hospital use chairs,...  more
    Hospital Furniture For Sale, Patient Room Furniture Manufacturer
  • Mrs.SimplySocial
  • ASTM A302 / ASME SA302

    #sa302 #pdf

    ASTM A302/A302M Standard Specification for Pressure Vessel Plates, Alloy Steel, Manganese-Molybdenum and Manganese- Molybdenum-nickel
    ASTM A302/A302M. According to their strength levels, the plates are available in...  more
  • ASTM A285 / ASME SA285

    #astm #a285 #pdf

    Steel Plate
    It includes carbon steel, carbon manganese steel, micro-alloy steel, low alloy and high strength steel and low temperature steel. The working temperature is generally from -20C to 500C, and the...  more
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