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    Working Principle and Characteristics of PDC Bit #what #is #a #pdc #bit what is a pdc bit? PDC bit is the abbreviation of Polycrystalline diamond compact bit, also known as polycrystalline diamond cutting block bit or composite chip bit. Because of...  more
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    Shipping Info #pdc #bit #breaker Our PDC bit and bi-center bit, PDC reamer with iron packaging, equipped with high-quality shackle device, convenient for the extraction and installation of the bit; The special suspension design can better guarantee...  more
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    STEEL PDC BIT #steel #body #pdc #bit Steel PDC bit is suitable for fast drilling in the stratum which is easy to drill at the bottom of the compressive strength without gravel, and it has a wide flow channel also in the timely transportation of rock...  more
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    SHAPED PDC CUTTER #oem #shaped #cutter #pdc #bit Our products are widely used in petroleum geology, automobile, consumer electronics, aerospace, intelligent manufacturing and other high-end machining fields, and our customers are all over the world....  more
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    Overview of PDC Cutter

    PDC cutters are made of diamond micro-powder and cemented carbide substrate sintered under ultra-high pressure and high temperature. It has high hardness, high wear resistance and thermal conductivity of diamond, and has the...  more
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    Great bits design and manufacture a wide variety of Matrix body PDC (polycrystalline diamond cutter) bits. Our PDC bits are offered in a variety of sizes, blade count and cutter sizes.

    The Matrix body PDC bit is sintered with tungsten carbide powder....  more
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    PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) Cutter
    Polycrystalline diamond composite(PDC)
    Polycrystalline diamond composite(PDC) sheet is made of diamond particles and cemented carbide matrix sintered at 60,000 atmospheres, high temperature and high pressure...  more
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