• opticalsintai
    Company Profile
    https://www.optical-sintai.com/company-profile.html />
    #semiconductor #optical #amplifier

    Guangzhou Sintai Communication Co., Ltd, which was founded in early 2013, is specialized in the optical transmission field with R&D, production,...  more
  • hsgmetal
    Camera Monitoring System
    https://www.sunny-automotive.com/products/camera-monitoring-system/ />
    #optical #engine

    Less blind area, larger vision range

    Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive CMS(camear monitoring system) lens field and the...  more
  • hsgmetal
    Automotive HUD
    https://www.sunny-automotive.com/products/automotive-hud/ /> #optical #engine

    HUD ( Head-Up Display) can project the current speed, navigation and other information in front of the drivers, the drivers can see information without turning...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Micro Data Centre
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/micro-data-centre/ /> #optical #fiber #assembly
    A micro data center (MDC) is a small modular data center designed for computer workloads that do not require traditional facilities, including all...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Integrated Outdoor Cabinet
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/integrated-outdoor-cabinet/ /> #optical #fiber #products
    Integrated Outdoor Cabinet are made of metal materials that keep unauthorized operators out and provide security systems for...  more
  • Inphenix Inc
    Broadband Light Source For Spectroscopy to UV To IR - Inphenix

    https://www.inphenix.com/en/broadband-light-source-moving-spectroscopy-to-uv-from-near-ir/ />
    Discharge lamps, dye lasers, and #optical parametric oscillators were the only valuable #sources...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fiber-bragg-grating-fbg/ /> #fiber #optical #switch

    Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is a basic element widely used in telecommunication, laser and sensor fields. With superior apodized technologies,...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Optical Display Module #optical #display #module It can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the individual needs of industrial enterprises and government departments because we devote to provide best AR smart glasses and optical...  more
  • Tcoptik
    Optical Lens Wholesale
    TC Optics provides various types of custom optical lenses for different uses. We design according to the customer's drawings and testing by high accuracy machine. We have Zygo and microscopes and spectrometer testing equipments,...  more
  • Tcoptik
    Optical Filters for Sale
    TC Optics offers a variety of Optical Filters for many applications, including bandpass interference, longpass, shortpass, notch, dichroic, color glass, ND or IR filters. We also offers highly durable hard coatings for...  more
  • gool ton
    The AR optical display module M2010, M3043 developed by goolton surpasses the existing AR optical waveguide display in terms of imaging clarity, resolution, color, weight, volume, and power consumption.
    #optical #display #module
    ...  more
  • Una Yang
    OTC200 optical tool setter/presetter is a wireless tool setter, optical coded signals are used to transmit information between the CNC tool setter and the receiver. It mainly used in various specifications of small to medium machining centers, CNC...  more
  • brdop tical
    As a professional precision optical products manufacturer, Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical) is committed to processing high precision customized optical solutions. Quantity and service are the creeds of Ecoptik (also known as BRD Optical). The...  more
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    https://www.china-tscom.com/products/splitter/ />
    #optical #splitters

    PLC Splitter
    As a professional plc splitter manufacturer, T & S Communication produces a planar optical waveguide chip on its own and manufactures PLC splitter with...  more
  • gool ton
    AR Optical Module.

    #optical #waveguide #display

    The AR optical display module M2010, M3043 developed by goolton surpasses the existing AR optical waveguide display technology in terms of imaging clarity, resolution, color, weight, volume, and power...  more
  • brdop tical
    Double Convex Lens

    #optical #components #companies

    The double convex lens is symmetrical across both its horizontal and vertical axis. Each of the lens' two faces can be thought of as originally being part of a sphere. The fact that a double convex...  more
    Double Convex Lens Mirror, Custom Optics Design Manufacturer | B
  • brdop tical
    Anamorphic Prism

    #optical #components #companies

    An anamorphic prism pair is a pair of prisms which is usually used for reshaping the profile of a laser beam. For example, the elliptical beam from a laser diode can be transformed into a beam with...  more
    Custom Anamorphic Prism Pair Manufacturer | BRD Optical
  • brdop tical
    Achromatic Cemented Cylindrical Lens

    #optical #products #manufacturer

    An achromatic cylindrical lens can minimize chromatic aberration, so it can be used to focus a single direction of a multi-color light beam. Unlike a spherical lens that produces a...  more
    Achromatic Cylindrical Lens, Custom Optics Manufacturer | BRD Op
  • brdop tical
    Optical Application

    #optical #components #companies

    Introduction Of Optical Application

    Optical engineering is a long and young subject. Its theoretical basis-optics, as the backbone of physics, has experienced a long and tortuous development path,...  more
    Optical Application, Precision Optics Used in Different Industri
  • brdop tical
    Neutral Density Filter

    #optical #components #companies

    Neutral density filter is often used in imaging or laser applications to avoid strong light damage to camera sensors or other optical components. ND filters absorb or reflect untransmitted light...  more
    Custom ND Neutral Density Filter Manufacturer, Types Of Neutral
  • brdop tical
    Narrow Bandpass Filter

    #optical #components #companies

    Based on the technique of all-dielectric hard coating and the principle of dielectric interference, and based on the characteristics of narrow-band filters, the optical properties are independent...  more
    Custom Narrow Band Pass Filter Manufacturer, Narrow Band Optical
  • brdop tical
    Longpass Filter

    #optical #components #companies

    One side is coated with a hard dielectric long-pass optical filter film, and the other side is coated with an anti-reflection film to achieve high transmittance and high damage threshold.

    Description Of...  more
    Custom Long Pass Optical Filter Manufacturer | BRD Optical
  • brdop tical
    Light Guide Prism

    #optical #components #companies

    Prisms: Right angle prism, Dove prism, Beam splitter, Penta Prism, Corner prism, Trapezium Prism, Rhomoboid Prism, Roof Prism, Cube prism, customized prisms, etc.

    Description Of Light Guide Prism
    BRD...  more
    Custom Light Guide Rod Manufacturer | BRD Optical
  • brdop tical
    Infrared Optics

    #optical #components #companies

    BRD Optical focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of precision infrared optical devices. With professional coating and polishing technology, we provide customers with customized high-precision and...  more
    Custom Infrared Lens (IR Lenses) Design Manufacturer | BRD Optic
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    Fiber Optical Attenuator
    #fixed #optical #attenuator
    Optical fiber communication attenuator is composed of attenuation optical fiber, attenuator kits, connector kits and cables, Attenuator is used to attenuate input power on optical path to avoid...  more
  • hypoptics
    Silicon Lenses

    #optical #grade #silicone
    Hyperion Optics utilize optical grade silicon which is specified with a resistivity of 10-40 Ohm-cm higher than most semiconductor applications. For CZ grade silicon (Czochralski method) has a absorption band at...  more
  • Copperled
    Unlike copper wire-based transmission where the transmission entirely depends on electrical signals passing through the cable, fiber optic communication is the type of communication is used to transmit voice, video, telemetry, and data over long...  more
  • Copperled
    Fiber optic pigtail is a cable that only one end is terminated with connectors. The other end can be melted with optical fiber for a permanent connection. Copperled is a fiber optic pigtail manufacturer, which would like to classify them from 2 aspects,...  more
  • meisuoptics
    Micro Optical Switch #1x4 #optical #switch This kind of micro mechanical optic switch is driven by a relay to control the prism to turn, thus switch the path, with only few channels such as 1x1,1x2, and2x2. It is normally used for OLP...  more
  • meisuoptics
    High Power Optical Switch #high #power #optical #switch MEISU's High Power Optical Switch is driven by a relay to control the prism to turn, thus switch the path. This kind of high power switch is realized by specializing the fiber and the prism to...  more
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