• efdcargo
    Amazon FBA
    https://www.efdcargo.com/ecommerce-3pl-by-e-commerce-platforms/amazon-3pl/ /> #ocean #forwarder

    FBA is the abbreviation of Fulfillment by Amazon, which is simply understood as Amazon Delivery Service. FBA first journey refers to the transfer of...  more
  • realhonglee
    Sea Freight Logistics Services
    https://www.realhonglee.com/sea-freight/ /> #ocean #shipping

    Sea freight shipping, also called ocean freight logistics, is the most important international sea freight services. Shipment via sea freight refers to the use of...  more
  • realhonglee
    Road Cargo Freight Transport Services
    https://www.realhonglee.com/road-freight.html /> #ocean #freight

    Because the road transportation network is generally more than ten times denser than the railway and waterway network, and the distribution area is also...  more
  • efdcargo
    E-COMMERCE Ocean Freight
    https://www.efdcargo.com/e-commerce-logistics-by-transportation/ocean-freight/ /> #ocean #freight #forwarder

    ocean freight is a natural water transport that does not require additional investment such as airport rail, and port...  more
  • Allison Smith
    Let us explore the realm of #Ocean #Survey with a few ocean survey #equipment

    Let’s look deeper into water depth measuring Water depth is calculated by measuring the time taken by a sound wave to travel that depth. For this survey, specific ocean...  more
    Let us explore the realm of Ocean Survey with a few ocean survey
  • Allison Smith
    See What’s Going on Down in the Deep Blue Sea with High-Performing Marine Equipment: #Ocean #Survey #Equipment Guide

    When you go off on the seas, you want to know your ocean survey equipment is going to perform the way you want it to perform. You...  more
    Deep Blue Sea with High-Performing Marine Equipment: Ocean Surve
  • hswaterslide
    Our Sea water park in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province
    Area: 200000㎡
    Completion time: June 2018
    Location: Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

    Located in Damuwan New Town, Ningbo city, Zhejiang Province, Our Sea water...  more
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