• acrelmichelle
    https://www.acrel-microgrid.com.tr/products/adf-series-multi-circuits-energy-meter/ />
    #multi #channel #power #meter

    Acrel is a leading manufacturer of energy measurement and management products. One of their top...  more
  • creativesz
    Multiparameter Patient Monitors
    https://www.creative-sz.com/products/lepu-multiparameter-patient-monitors/ />
    #portable #multi #parameter #patient #monitor
    Lepu Portable Patient Monitors are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to...  more
  • creativesz
    Lepu Medical AiView V12 Multiparameter Patient Monitor Portable All-in-one Vital Signs Monitor with AI Analysis Diagnosis Touch Screen for Hospital ICU Clinical Ambulance and Home Use
    ...  more
  • silicon valley
    #Hire #Dedicated #CakePHP #Developers that help to develop a #web #application for your company. At #Silicon #Valley - #India, our #Hire #CakePHP #Programmer helps to bring your thoughts into existence by delivering scalable solutions with the latest...  more
  • jcforging
    TG-E Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinders

    What is TG-E Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinder?
    TG hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting multi-section telescopic sleeve lift cylinder. It has the advantages of small size and long stroke, and is mainly used in the...  more
  • Peter Parker
    Grocery Delivery Script-Lets Connect Grocery Store Owners & Customers Closer Now

    On-demand Grocery Delivery services are the rapid platform that connects Store Owners and the people closely. Kickstart with a suitable on-demand app to take your services...  more
  • Peter Parker
    Grocery Delivery Script-Lets Connect Grocery Store Owners & Customers Closer Now

    On-demand Grocery Delivery services are the rapid platform that connects Store Owners and the people closely. Kickstart with a suitable on-demand app to take your services...  more
  • Peter Parker
    Business Chances are Buses! Catch It! A Bus-Grocery Delivery Script
    Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. The grocery Delivery script is now a bus for you. Catch it Without Fail.
    Mail: sales@trioangle.com
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  • Peter Parker
    Let's Invest in Knowledge! Get Your Best Returns Now!

    Investing in knowledge settles interest in business, Try our Grocery Delivery Script to get more knowledge to develop your business
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  • Peter Parker
    Plan for Profit...! Plan for Our Grocery Delivery Script!!!

    A business can make a significant profit by helping others execute their plans for making money. Execute a plan with our Grocery Delivery Script helps to increase profit which helps to increase...  more
  • Peter Parker
    Start Dreamy Grocery Delivery Venture in Zero-Time

    Goals are Dreams With Deadlines, Grocery Delivery App is a Medium to Chase Your Dream. A Quickaway platform is now on your hands!

    Mail: sales@trioangle.com
    WhatsApp: +91 6379630152
    Skype:...  more
  • Peter Parker
    Get a feature-rich grocery delivery app to boost the sales

    Grocery delivery apps helped grocery retailers to boost their online sales. Find the right players who provide the feature-rich grocery delivery app to gain more incentives right now!

    Mail:...  more
  • Acrel com
    Multi-function Energy Meter
    https://www.acrelenergy.com/products/multi-function-energy-meter/ /> #multi #function #energy #meter
    Multi function energy meter refers to the watt-hour meter which has more than two functions, such as time-sharing and...  more
  • Acrel com
    Multi Circuit Energy Meter
    https://www.acrelenergy.com/products/multi-circuit-energy-meter/ /> #multi #circuit #meter
    Multi Circuit Energy Power Meter programmable intelligent meters, adopting AC sampling technology, can directly or indirectly measure...  more
  • USM com
    The runner filling balance must be considered when designing the multi-cavity mold in order to ensure the best effect of filling balance, the mold cavity will be multiple of 4 to design the mold generally, such as 4. 8. 16. 32. 64. 128 points, etc. ;...  more
  • USM com
    USM is an ISO9001:2015 certified mold and injection molding factory, with over 15 years of professional experience and advanced equipment, we've got many successful cases in multi-cavity medical molds, there are 10 engineers could assist our customers to...  more
  • genius
    #GeniusEducationManagementSystem is a #multilingual, #multi-currency #educational #ERP that can handle all of the needs of a #school, #college, #institute, or #university. Both #teachers and #students can utilise the #Geniusapp, which is available for...  more
  • genius
    #GeniusEducationManagementSystem is a
    #multilingual, #multi-currencyeducational #ERP that addresses all of a #school's,#college's,#institute's, and #university's demands.
    #Genius also has an #iOS and #Android app that both #teachers and #students can...  more
  • genius
    #GeniusEducationManagementsystem is a leading #Multi-lingual, #Multi-Currency #Educational #ERP which meet complete requirements of #School, #College, #Institute and #University. #Genius also provide #iOS and #AndroidApp which is very helpful for...  more
  • Yolanda Chen
    Types of Multi-function Wet Wipes
    Disinfection Wet Wipes
    Our factory is located in Deqing, Huzhou city, Zhejiang province. We have certified by ISO, FDA, SMETA, GMP.
    Car Wet Wipes
    Zhejiang BI, as a certified car wet wipes manufacturer, provides...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    A multi-cavity mould is known as a mould with multiple cavities. The multi-cavity mold consists of a multi-cavity of different plastic parts.

    Though multi-cavity injection molding process may be much more complex than others such as insert injection...  more
  • Dual Channel Drone Lithium Battery Charger
    #multi #lipo #charger
    High Density Fin-type Aluminum Heatsink
    Adjustable charging
    LCD screen
    Three working modes
    Conformal Coating

    Product Description
    Dual Channel Lithium Battery Charger
    Adjustable charging /...  more
  • Ashton Thomas
    Must Have Makeup Products That Should Be In Your Vanity

    One favourite product of every fashion and makeup-loving girl is #multi #use #concealer, a great innovative product. Every prominent cosmetic brand offers its multi-use concealer, which provides...  more
  • Skye Xuan
    Mcdodo USB Charger #usb #pd #multi #charger USB fast charger is a charger with USB Power Delivery from a data interface capable of supplying limited power to a primary provider of power with a data interface.

    USB fast chargers have different USB...  more
  • microtech medical
    Multiple Band Ligator Set

    #multi #band #ligator #price

    Multiband Ligators
    Endoscopic banding has been demonstrated as an effective and simple treatment for internal hemorrhoids. Banding is readily performed in an ambulatory setting and can result in...  more
    Single-Use Endoscopic Multi Band Ligator Set | Micro-Tech Endosc
  • Nettechnocrats
    Top Multi-Vendor Marketplace development company in India

    We are rated as one of the top multi-vendor marketplace development companies, we will help you build the apps for B2C multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace as well as an online marketplace with...  more
  • Nettechnocrats
    Best Multi-Vendor Marketplace development company in India

    Nettechnocrat’s multi-vendor market place is among the most trusted in the industry with efficient business models. We understand how daunting and challenging it can be to develop a Custom...  more
  • Cooking time

    20 min





    Print Recipe
    About recipe
    Learn how to cook Perfect Pressure Cooker Brown Rice in 20 minutes. Cooking brown rice in Redmond Multi Cooker cuts short half the cooking time. Set it and forget it, no...  more
  • rhaudiopa
    Multi-zone Mixer Amplifiers #multi #zone #mixer #amplifier The RH-AUDIO 6 Zone Mixer Amplifiers work by been connected with audio source directly without need of external pre-amplifier or mixer console.

    The public address audio zoning amplifiers enjoy...  more
  • projecticodis
    MegaScan Pro X3 is your professional scanning assistant.
    Take your productivity to the next level with our MegaScan Pro X3 high speed document scanner. The revolutionary...  more
    MegaScan Pro X3 | OCR A3 Multi Page PDF Document Camera Scanner
  • Ashton Thomas
    Feel Both #Radiant and Fully Covered by Versatile, #Multi-Use #Cruelty #Free #Makeup Products

    Cruelty free makeup is more than just a label: it’s a classification of products that contains ingredients and incorporates production processes that help...  more
    Feel Both Radiant and Fully Covered by Versatile, Multi-Use Crue
  • Ashton Thomas
    Enjoying the Versatility of a Multi Use #Concealer in Order to Create a #Natural Looking #Complexion

    To enjoy all of the versatility of a set of makeup, you might want to adopt the services of a #multi #use #concealer, a product which is both a...  more
    Enjoying the Versatility of a Multi Use Concealer in Order to Cr
  • X5-HR Screw Type Crawler The X5-HR all-terrain pipeline robot consists of three parts: a spiral propeller crawler, a cable reel, and a display and control terminal. It is suitable for environments where conventional CCTV detection robots cannot detect...  more
    X5-HR Sewer Pipe Inspection Crawler Camera Robot | Easy Sight
  • DSE Model Pressure Cooker

    #multi #function #pressure #cooker #reviews

    Multi-purpose pot: can do soup pot, steamer applicable.

    304 Stainless steel pressure cooker do not worry about nutrient loss.

    Turn the switch to open the cover easily. The lid is...  more
    DSE Model Multi Function/Purpose SS Pressure Cooker For Sale, Ma
  • HUBEI AULICE TYRE CO.,Ltd aulicetyre
    Long haul tyres usually travel thousands of miles. Most of the time they will work outside for a few days, weeks or months, so long distance tires must keep passengers comfortable for long periods of business driving and save fuel.

    Over 20 years'...  more
  • leesa daisy
    MLM Software is a tool that is used to manage Multi Level Marketing (MLM)/ Network Marketing.This helps the
    admin to manage the users and network plans effectively by tracking the process and progress through MLM Software.
    Know more>>...  more
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