• Welinktech
    https://www.welink-med.com/products/disposable-syringe-mold/ /> #syringe #mould #manufacturers

    Welinktech Disposable Syringe Mold is a high quality and precise injection mold that meets the needs of medical and healthcare...  more
    Electrical Product Power Mould
    https://www.gdyfpower.com/products/electrical-product-mould-power-mould/ />
    #power #mould
    Electrical product moulds or power moulds are critical components in the production of high-quality electrical components and devices...  more
  • empcookware empcookware
    Heart Cake Mold
    https://www.empcookware.com/products/heart-cake-mold/ />
    #heart #cupcake #mould

    9-inch heart-shaped springform pan with 2-3/4-inch sides, sturdy material provides fast, even heating and resists warping.

    Reinforced non-stick coating and...  more
    The Anti-mold packet is naturally extracted essential oils, specially designed packaging. It contains 10 times more essential oils than ordinary anti-mold sticker, and it also has the function of slow release, so the anti-mold effect will last longer....  more
  • hugedental .com
    Dental Home Impression Kit
    https://www.hugedental.com/products/dental-home-impression-kit/ /> #home #teeth #mould #kit
    HUGE Dental home teeth mould kit is widely used in on-line oral treatment like invisible orthodontic, teeth beauty and sports mouthguard,...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    What Are the Main Methods of Forming Automotive Plastic Molds?
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/what-are-the-main-methods-of-forming-automotive-plastic-molds.html /> #automotive #plastic #mould
    There are many ways to classify automotive plastic moulds. According...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    China Rapid Injection Molding Prototyping
    https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/prototype-moulding.html /> #mould #base
    China rapid injection molding prototyping technology is a fast, convenient and practical mold manufacturing technology. The...  more
  • Trial-Run Molding
    https://www.fangling-precisionmold.com/products/trial-run-molding/ />
    #mould #trial

    mould trial is a process by which a new mould is optimised in order to produce the desired products as efficiently as possible. This makes it one of the...  more
  • Standard Mold Parts
    https://www.fangling-precisionmold.com/products/standard-mold-parts/ />
    #standard #mould #parts

    We provide DIN(Deutsche Industrie Normen) standard mold parts of high quality to our customers. The mold parts are applied to all kinds of...  more
  • Susan Qin
    Plastic Food Container Mould
    https://www.greenvitality-mould.com/products/plastic-food-container-mould/ />
    #injection #mould #design

    Plastic meal boxes mainly used for packing foods, so it need to be heat resistant and non-toxic,and could meet the...  more
  • Jeward com
    PLASTIC HOUSEWARE MOULDOur houseware moulds can produce everything needed for daily life. From bathroom to kitchen, from storage to cleaning supplier, Jeward Mould offers various types and styles of plastic houseware products.

    Advantages of Jeward...  more
  • Jeward com
    HONEYCOMB PATTERN STOOL MOULDHoneycomb pattern stool mould. Classical stool for both outdoor and indoor. The product is light but good bearing.Also, it is easy-stacking, durable,good-looking and economical.

    Item...  more
  • Jeward com
    PLASTIC PLANT POT MOULDOur flower pot mould category includes products for garden, balcony and indoor. As a professional plastic injection mold maker in China, Jeward offers both injection and blowing flower pot moulds.

    Advantages of Jeward Flower Pot...  more
  • Jeward com
    Classical armed chair mould with different back pattern inserts.Inserts can be changed while mould clamp on the injection machine. Paired with individual back insert moulds, it could produce double color or IML patterned...  more
  • Jeward com
    PLASTIC BLOW MOULDAs a blow mold factory, Jeward could offer blowing mould solutions for blow molding machine from 2L to 5000L. We are specialized in the middle-large blowing mould. Our blow mold toolings are applied in food packaging, chemistry,...  more
  • Cally Lu
    How Much is Injection Mold Generally?
    A customer contacted us by searching the plastic die mould manufacturers on the Internet and asked our customer service: "how much is the medical plastic die mould in general?" Generally speaking, if the structure is...  more
  • Harry Hu
    Injection Post Molding Service
    https://www.key-plast.com/post-molding/ />
    #in #mould #labelling #companies

    Post molding is also called secondary operation. After the product is formed, a series of follow-up operations are required to achieve the final...  more
  • 2k Injection Molding #2k #mould 2K is well known as 2 shot injection molding or two colour injection moulding, consists of two different plastics or two different colors of one plastics into an end product by means of one injection molding process. ...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    The slider is a mold component that can slide in a certain angle perpendicular to or with the opening and closing direction during the opening and closing action of the mold.
    #mould #slide https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/mould-slide.html
  • bohaokitchentools bohaokitchentools
    Christmas Tree Silicone Cake Mold

    #christmas #tree #cake #mould

    The Christmas tree silicone cake mold is food grade silicone FDA certified to be BPA free.

    Very easy to use, non-toxic, reusable.

    Easy to release like other plastic molds this soft...  more
  • hsfor
    https://www.hsfor.com/products/hot-work-die-steel/ />
    #plastic #mould #steel

    As one of the die steel manufacturers, we supply high quality hot work die steel to meet the requirements of some customers.

    Since hot work die steel of die...  more
  • hsfor
    Disk / Flange Forging Component
    https://www.hsfor.com/products/disk-steel-forged-flange.html />
    #plastic #mould #steel

    The basic process used for disk forgings is upsetting, and then chamfering, rounding, and leveling as the subsequent auxiliary...  more
  • hic cosmoplat
    High-quality Connector Mold Parts
    Types of the cooling system in injection moulding are available in COSMOPlat. We provide you with rapid heating and conformal cooling injection molding system for mass production. To save cost and improve efficiency, the...  more
  • hic cosmoplat
  • Kevin Shaw
    Die casting products commonly used materials are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, mold materials generally use H13 or SKD61 and so on. #die #casting #mould https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/die-casting-mould.html
  • Kevin Shaw
    Our company has designed and manufactured dozens of sets of automobile rear-view mirror molds for Kaiming hall in Murakami, Japan. #automotive #plastic #Mould https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/automotive-product-mould/
  • Kevin Shaw
    Automobile headlamp mask mold, using high-speed CNC processing, manufacturing automobile headlamp mold factory CNC processing equipment requirements are very high, and need experienced processing team and design engineer. Gm-tech successfully completed...  more
    What is the Vacuum Casting?

    #vacuum #mould #casting

    The vacuum casting technology which uses prototype (SLA laser rapid prototyping piece, CNC products) to make silicone mold under vacuum, and is poured under vacuum conditions, such as PU, ABS, etc....  more
  • earthrodchina
    Exothermic Welding Mold #exothermic #welding #mould Beisuda CCS Grounding Conductors Making Process

    Customer order
    Report plan
    Wire (inspection, warehousing)
    Qualified products on the machine
    Steam...  more
  • Multi Cavity Mold

    #single #cavity #injection #mould

    Premium Rapid&Mold produce high precision single component and multi cavity mold for a wide range of components, including caps, straight connectors, syringe barrels, with or without tear-off caps,...  more
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