• matchausafety
    Electrical Window Wiper
    https://www.matchausafety.com/products/electrical-window-wiper.html />

    WGP type horizontal electric window wiper is kind of electrical window wiper to be used for windows in wheelhouse or operating cab in...  more
  • cstitanium
    Marine Titanium
    https://www.cstitanium.com/marine-titanium.html /> #marine #titanium
    Titanium and titanium alloys also find applications in the marine industry due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and light weight. Here are some...  more
  • yesheng
    https://www.yeshengti.com/marine-titanium.html />
    #marine #titanium

    Titanium is an incredibly versatile and useful metal, and one of its major applications is in the marine industry. This metal's unique characteristics make it suitable for...  more
  • PingAn
    Rubber Boat Flooring
    https://www.ddrubber.com/products/rubber-boat-flooring/ />
    #rubber #backed #marine #carpet
    When it comes to flooring on a boat, rubber boat flooring is the way to go. Rubber boat flooring is a great choice for boats because it is...  more
  • PingAn
    Marine Rubber Fender
    https://www.ddrubber.com/products/marine-rubber-fender/ />
    #inflatable #marine #fender
    PingAn Rubber, a leading marine fender manufacturer, we offer types of marine fenders, including inflatable, large, jetty, and cell rubber fenders....  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C300T120-L5
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c300t120-l5.html /> #marine #thermal #camera

    Suitable for targeting, search and rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence gathering, security,...  more
  • bird sat
    SP45 Satellite TV Antennas #marine #tv #systems BIRDSAT's new 45 cm KU band satellite TVRO antenna is available now. Reliable connection, strengthened signal receive capability and quick response make you enjoy TV show on sea. ...  more
  • bird sat
    Maritime VSAT #marine #vsat #providers The new BIRDSAT KU band maritime VSAT product serie is available now. BIRDSAT makes sure that we only provide marine vsat products with more reliable connection, higher quality and lower cost. BIRDSAT provides...  more
  • SEMIX com
    Marine Collagen Peptides
    In the production process of marine biological active peptides, fish are the most widely used. Using by-products such as fish skin, fish scales and fish bones to turn waste into treasure, the production of bioactive peptides is a...  more
  • SEMIX com
    Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
    After enzymatic hydrolysis, fish collagen forms hydrolyzed collagen, and its molecular structure and molecular weight are changed, which changes its water absorption, solubility, water retention and other functional properties....  more
  • raycastings
    https://www.raycastings.com/marine.html /> #marine #casting

    Rayforce's metal casting can be applied to anchor, stern frames, anchor winch part, container corner castings, propeller boss, etc.


    Art & Home Sculptures
    Compressors &...  more
  • Allison Smith
    What Are The Most Common Types Of #Marine #Scientific #Research #Equipment Used In Every Research And Exploration Program?

    Marine researchers are always on the hunt to discover new and unknown artifacts, because of which they launch so many pieces of...  more
  • enulirvision
    Thermal Surveillance Systems
    #marine #surveillance #camera
    Here we will talk about the importance of thermal imager for security.

    Thermal Imaging Security Cameras
    Thermal Security Camera

    Marine Monitoring Thermal Imaging System
    TC400PTZ/TC600PTZ...  more
  • Steel for Marine Use

    #stainless #steel #in #marine #environment

    General description of steel products application in Marine
    Marine also is known as the shipbuilding industry, it's one of the biggest steel products cost in the whole steel products...  more
    Marine Grade Steel, Best Stainless Steel for Marine Environment
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