• Illuminate your style with our exquisite lampshades! From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, we have the perfect shade to complement any room. Light up your space and add a touch of elegance today! Visit our website or showroom to explore our...  more
  • Aberdeenshire Glass and Shiny Brass Wall Light with Black Cotton Shade is a sophisticated and elegant lighting solution. It is designed with a blend of classic and modern elements, featuring a glass and shiny brass construction and a black cotton shade....  more
  • Commercial Indoor Lighting Products | EnergyWise Solutions

    #indoorlighting #lighting #lightingdesign
    Contemporary businesses require indoor lighting solutions that are efficient, affordable, and stylish. Energywise Solutions provides a diverse selection...  more
  • Galaxy Lighting
    Discover The Best Lighting Shop In Auckland

    Lighting your home with the Galaxy Lighting which is known for the best #lighting #shop #in #Auckland who offer a huge range of lighting products, casual lighting to exclusive chandeliers.

    ...  more
  • sunnyxiao sunnyxiao
    C01P 220W RGBW LED FILM LIGHT PANEL 340x315mm/13.4x12.4'' CE, RoHS IP23
    https://www.sunnyxiao.com/products/c01p-220w-rgbw-led-film-lighting-panel-340x315mm-13.412.4-cerohs-1-ip23/ />
    #cinematic #lighting #setups

    With only half of C02P's size and power,...  more
  • Josh Timmermans
    Do you need professional assistance for landscape maintenance in Burnaby?

    https://familiarlandscaping.mailchimpsites.com/ />
    Hiring professionals for landscape lighting in Burnaby is a great feature of your property. It is a way to enhance the look of...  more
  • Signcomplex Ltd. Irene fu
    DC48V Constant-current StripOnly #luxtron #emergency #lighting Over-heat & reverse-input protection, ensure good performance andlong lifespan.
    The input voltage range is 46-50V DC, wide input range can comply withmost of the power supply sold in the...  more
  • Aero com
    ADA adjustable
    https://www.aerolight.cn/products/detail/id/611 /> #hospitality #lighting
    Providing adjustable LED recessed lighting, ADA adjustable led downlight is popular for its concise beauty design, efficient heat dissipation, long-service life, and...  more
  • ledwell com
    LED linear--grill light

    1. LED office lighting
    2. Input voltage: AC220-240V
    3. power consulption: 24W/36W/48W/60W/72W
    4. LED brand: Hongli/Philips/Osram/etc.
    5. lumen efficiency: 100lm/W
    6. controll ways:
    a. directly light on no dimmable
    b. 0-10V...  more
  • ledwell com
    Led Linear Track Light

    LED office lighting
    Input voltage: AC220-240V
    Power consulption: 24W/36W/48W/60W/72W
    LED brand: Hongli/Philips/Osram/etc.
    Lumen efficiency: 100lm/W
    Controll ways:
    a. directly light on no dimmable
    b. 0-10V...  more

    The application of solar lights for parking lot is mainly used in parking lots, stadiums, school playgrounds, and other places.

    Due to factors such as the environment, the purpose of use, etc.,...  more
  • aihomestyle
    Smart LED Cabinet Lights #under #cabinet #led #lighting #alexa This smart LED under cabinet light is designed for cabinet, cover, display window & armoire lighting, equipped with one 12V smart Bluetooth dimmable LED driver. Then you are capable of...  more
  • Josh Timmermans
    Quick Tips Regarding Landscape Lighting Contractor in Vancouver

    https://webhitlist.com/profiles/blogs/quick-tips-regarding-landscape-lighting-contractor-in-vancouver />
    Spring landscaping clean up in Vancouver has a team of experienced workers who can...  more
  • Anern
    What is solar landscape light
    Solar energy is inexhaustible, and it is clean and safe. It is the ideal renewable energy and is used in solar landscape lights. Solar landscape path light is a kind of landscape lighting fixture that uses solar energy as...  more
  • flintlight
    https://www.flintlight.com/products/solar-string/ /> #led #lighting #exporter
    3V outdoor solar strings. Engery saving, Warm white S14 bulbs.

    Solar String Specifications

    Product Length Socket number Base Cable type Suspended cable length LED...  more
  • flintlight
    PS52 BULBS
    https://www.flintlight.com/products/ps52-bulb/ /> #led #lighting #for #sale
    PS52 indoor decorative bulb, 60w equivalent, clear glass, white glass, frost glass, amber glass, smoky glass available.

    PS52 Bulbs Specifications

    Lamp...  more
  • flintlight
    https://www.flintlight.com/products/led-wall-dimmer/ /> #commercial #led #lighting #manufacturers
    Compatible with Incandescent, Halogen, CFL and dimmable LED bulbs.

    LED Wall Dimmer Features

    Simple and elegant horizontal slider dims and...  more
  • flintlight
    LED Track Lighting
    https://www.flintlight.com/products/led-track-lighting/ /> #led #track #lighting #suppliers
    12W dimmable LED Track light, suits for 2-pin JUNO track systems. High CRI (color rendering index)

    What LED Track Lighting Are Open To Us...  more
  • flintlight
    LED Oversized Bulbs
    https://www.flintlight.com/products/led-oversized-bulb/ /> #led #lighting #wholesale #suppliers
    Great suit for indoor lighting fixtures, illuminating art, collectibles in showcases, and cabinets lighting, ideal for bar, cafe, hotel,...  more
  • Signcomplex Ltd. Irene fu
    UL Commercial Lighting

    #strip #led #lighting #products

    Signcomplex Ltd., founded in 2006, is a state-level high-tech enterprise and TüV ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered company. Currently, there are over 700 employees and a fabrication area of...  more
  • exc lighting
    Controller #lighting #control #types Controller City Cluster Lighting Control System
    City Cluster Lighting Control System is after development for many years in the field of urban cluster light control, EXC has obtained obvious advantages in...  more
  • exc lighting
    Shopping Mall #lighting #shopping #mall LED lights provided by EXC to give out colors with alternating warm and cold hues, forming a beautiful summer night landscape in central Zhejiang, More importantly, this nightscape renovation project has enhanced...  more
  • exc lighting
    International Summit #summit #lighting #solutions After nightfall, when the evening lights were lit in Qianjiang New Town, the whole city was immersed into transparency and brightness. Looking from the City Balcony, the outdoor lights on the facades...  more
  • exc lighting
    Hospitality #custom #hospitality #lighting Worldhotel Grand Dijing in Zunyi is a brand hotel owned by Howard Johnson International Hotel Group. The building outline in this project uses points, lines and surfaces composed of full-color pixel light...  more
  • exc lighting
    Bridge #lightbridge #lighting Pixel Light Controller Project Overview
    Time of completion: June 2019
    Product: EXC-P53AP led pixel light (120,000 pcs): 6+3 RGBW, 2W, DC36V, spacing: 125mm; EXC-W42B wall washer light (3,500 pcs): RGBW, 24W ...  more
  • exc lighting
    LED Landscape Lighting Solutions #creative #landscape #lighting Glorious G20, Charming Hangzhou——Themed Lighting of G20 Summit in Hangzhou -Qianjiang New Town
    Themed Lighting of the SCO Summit in Qingdao
    Salute the BRICS, Shine on...  more
  • iconic lamp
    In any situation you can think of, the lamp is such a universal gift which is one of the best home decor gifts to give anyone as it can be used daily. Before you select gift lamps from types of electric lights, you should consider some important...  more
  • Josh Timmermans
    Best Gardening Services to Contact in Vancouver

    https://2elementslandscaping.tumblr.com/post/658055751205552128/best-gardening-services-to-contact-in-vancouver />
    The most important is its lighting. Although many people try to do it themselves, it is a...  more
    Best Gardening Services to Contact in Vancouver
  • spe light
    DMX Control System

    #dmx #stage #lighting #controller

    There are many types of dmx console systems and very powerful functions. There are crocodile console, pearl console, sunshine console and so on.
  • jiabao Zhang
    Solar garden lights are a natural fit for garden lighting. It can effectively help you to keep your garden lit throughout the night. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and...  more
  • jiabao Zhang
    solar-powered area lights can bring a great view of the area at night. SOKOYO provides high-quality solar LED area lights in different kinds of styles and shapes to match different areas in particular ways. All our new designs can be put in such areas if...  more
  • jiabao Zhang
    IoT is short for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of uniquely identifiable physical objects (things) that are internetworked to achieve control and information exchange via an information carrier based on standard...  more
  • senba sensor

    D202X is 2 elements PIR sensor, with small detection angle. Mainly used for toys and other small angle requirement products.

    PIR sensor sense the motion object, always used to detet the human. There is a detect rang for the PIR sensor. When a...  more
  • LED light panels are a cutting edge solution in the lighting industry and are considered to be a revolutionary replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes. Our LED light panels use a high brightness quality LED chip modules as a light source which...  more
  • Features and Advantages
    Wide range applicatio
    Constant current DC power supply - more stable driving
    High intensity LED light source
    Low energy consumption
    Long LED life cycle – more than 80,000 working hours
    Front fully sealant...  more
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