• Candle Bulb
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    【E12 Small Base】: The bulb is with the U.S. standard E12 and E26 Base. It perfectly fit to Ceiling Fan, Chandelier, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, etc.

    【High...  more
  • Hyggeligt Homes
    The Hyggeligt Homes #Table #Lamp is a sophisticated, chic, and elegant piece of art that is perfect for a modern home. It comes in a sleek design that has a contemporary vibe and creates an amazing look when lit up on your table. This lamp is perfect for...  more
  • Homestarlight com
    TOPMB Ultra Wide Monitor Desk Lamp can help you to lighting up your work area when you you have a double screen or multi-screen on your desk.

    Types of Ultra Wide Monitor Desk Lamp
    Benefits of Ultra Wide Monitor Desk Lamp
    Asymmetric Optics
    45°angle...  more
  • Homestarlight com
    There are 16 million color combinations to choose from in a TOPMB RGB corner lamp and allow you to vibe in any room.

    Types of RGB Corner Lamp
    Benefits of RGB Corner Lamp
    Small and Portable
    About 35cm with base. Small and light, can be easily moved to...  more
  • Homestarlight com
    A wider, brighter lamp that can protect your eyes when reading, there is a wide selection of reading lamps from TOPMB for you to choose from depending on different needs.

    Types of Reading Desk Lamp
    Benefits of Reading Desk Lamp
    Light Source
    CRI>95, full...  more
  • Homestarlight com
    TOPMB professional piano eye protection lamp.Special angled light and adjustable arms let the lights not dazzle the musician but make the notes clearly recognizable on the music holder. Designed with functionality and modernist beauty is an amazing part...  more
  • sureall com
    SL series explosion proof liquid-tight connector is designed to connect the liquid-tight flexible metal conduit to explosion proof lighting, explosion proof junction box, explosion proof panel and explosion proof enclosure in wet, dusty, corrosive and...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    JMD 602 PRO Rechargeable UV LED Nail Dry Lamp
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    JMD-602 UV nail lamp is our new design,This nail dryer with UV+LED dual light source to...  more
    GL2A LED Garden Light

    The wattage range of GL2A LED garden light 40W-120W

    GL2A LED garden light's housing adopts double support design with better stability and impact resistance; Wide power range from 30W to 120W; The light source uses LED module to...  more
    GL1A LED Garden Light

    The wattage range of GL1A LED garden light 40W-60W

    GL1A LED garden light adopts whole body die casting aluminum housing with high strength. With IP68 patented module, this lamp have high lumen output; Tool-less open for easy...  more
  • deyi culture
    Welcome to make orders to our zigong lantern. Since the lantern festival painting lights is necessary for lantern festival celebration. The plant shaped lanterns of various flowers make creative ways to entertain people while also maintain a terrific...  more
  • Whispering Homes
    Buy Eske Ceramic Table Lamps Online India | Home Decor | Whispering Homes

    Look whose here! Combining opulence and classic design, this beautiful ceramic lamp is an eye-pleasing home decor accent to light up the empty dull corners at your living space....  more
    Advantages of Infrared Heating Tube with White Coating

    Infrared heat lamp tube unlike convection or conduction, dose not rely on any medium to transfer heat from infrared source to the object being heated, heat directly to the object.

    Long serving...  more
    Types of Infrared Heating Tube
    Infrared Heating Tube with White Coating
    Infrared Heating Tube with White Coating
    Infrared Heating Reflector tubes focus infrared heat forward in the direction where it is required, reducing the loss of heat to the rear and...  more
    The high purity quartz glass tube is adopted and treated with special technology, which further reduces the impurity content and makes the efficiency of lamp tube more stable. Ozone type and non-ozone type are available.

    Specification of H-Shape UVC...  more
    This kind of industrial heat lamp is made of high-purity double tube transparent quartz tube, with gold plating on the back, overall gold plating or white coating on the back, which greatly improves the radiation efficiency and saves energy...  more
    Compared with general-power UV lamps, the amalgam ultraviolet germicidal lamp has the characteristics of high adaptability to temperature, high power, high irradiance, long life, and low light attenuation.

    The amalgam ultraviolet lamp has a wider...  more
    Specification of 4 Pins UVC Germicidal Lamp

    Ozone...  more
  • Anern
    What is a solar street light?
    Solar street lights use solar panels with dedicated microcomputer intelligent controllers to convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. They do not need to dig trenches to pull wires when install. Our solar panel street...  more
  • Anern
    What is solar landscape light
    Solar energy is inexhaustible, and it is clean and safe. It is the ideal renewable energy and is used in solar landscape lights. Solar landscape path light is a kind of landscape lighting fixture that uses solar energy as...  more
  • Signcomplex Ltd. Irene fu
    150lm/W LED corn Bulb  

    #led #corn #lamp #suppliers

    · 150lm/W. Use Brand LED LG 5630
    · · Pure Aluminum 1070, better heat dissipation
    · · Driver sealed with thermal paste, lower working temperature and waterproof
    · · Cove and holes...  more
  • iconic lamp
    Although floor lamps, Chinese style standing up floor lamps for sale, as a kind of fancy lamps for sale are not essential lighting for interior design, seeking a perfect floor lamp can create a better atmosphere for space. Offering both widespread...  more
  • iconic lamp
    Fiberglass is a common fiber reinforced plastic that uses glass fiber. Because of its lightweight, durability, resistance to wind, temperature, and coldness, it is widely used in the construction and automobile industries. With all its features,...  more
  • Whispering Homes
    Buy Rumi ceramic lighting LED desk lamp for living room, home decor online at the price in India on whisperinghomes.com. Shop Now! https://bit.ly/2TI4EbR #RumiLamp #RumiCeramicLamp #HomeDecor #LED #Lamp #WhisperingHomes
  • Anern Anern
    LED Street Light
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    The application of LED street lighting technology in road lighting is an important part of green lighting. When technical conditions permit, many countries have gradually promoted the use of LED street lighting...  more
  • Justin Allison
    Best Purush Table Lamp
    A table lamp is a source of light that stands on a table or any piece of furniture. With the perfect bulb type, shade, shape, and color modern contemporary table lamps can work as a source of direct or diffused light to enhance the...  more
  • Salisbury & Manus
    See all design visual comfort crystal lamp on the Salisbury & Manus online store. Salisbury & Manus is the best for home decor and furniture products. Visual comfort lamp is the best option for your room lighting because it comes with modern design. You...  more
  • Salisbury & Manus
    Decorate your home with circa visual comfort lights. Circa visual comfort is the sign of designer lighting and shines your home. you choose your suitable visual comfort from Salisbury & Manus online store. For more visit here: more
    Visual Comfort Lighting and Lamps
  • Salisbury & Manus
    Check all design visual comfort light on the Salisbury & Manus. They have home decor and furniture products. Visual comfort light is the best option for your home lighting because it comes with a modern design. For more visit here: more
    Visual Comfort Lighting and Lamps
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