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    SAE J1772 Charging Connector

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    SAE J1772 Charging Connector
    AP SAE AC charging connector conform to SAE J1772 provisions and requirements. It is compatible with multi-type brand electric vehicles and ensure safety during...  more
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    SAE J1772 EV Charging

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    "American Standard" refers to the SAE J1772 standard. SAE J1772 is just a general term. It includes four subdivision standards and three different charging interface models. Among them, the AC charging standard and the...  more
    SAE J1772 Standard EV Charging
  • AG Electrical Felix Xu
    SAE Type 1 Charging Cable

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    Mechanical Properties
    Mechanical life: no-load plug>10000times
    Impact of external force: be able to afford 1m drop and 2tons vehicle run over pressure
    Insertion and extraction force:...  more
    SAE J1772 Type 1 Charging Cable, J1772 Replacement Connector for
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