• MobIR 2T

    MobIR 2 series is a new generation of infrared thermal imager for smartphone launched by Guide sensmart. Built-in the world's first autofocus WLP infrared module, with higher resolution and performance comparable to professional thermal imaging...  more
  • Core


    Mini Online Thermal Camera Core
    Equipped with an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) detector, the high-performance IPT430M is extremely sensitive with a wider temperature measurement range. Utilizing the small and lightweight benefits, several...  more
  • COIN612/R

    WLP+ASIC Uncooled thermal camera module

    COIN series uncooled thermal imaging camera core integrates the wafer-level package detector produced by GST, ASIC chip for imaging processing, micro-motion electromagnetic threshold shutter and general...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C300T120-L
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c300t120-l.html /> #thermal #imaging #application

    Military reconnaissance, targeting, search & rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance Cameras System
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system/ />
    #long #range #thermal #imaging #camera

    Airborne surveillance camera system in electro optic systems refers to the use of aircraft or unmanned aerial...  more
  • Everay Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Devices & Electro Optic Products
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/ />
    #thermal #imaging #camera #price

    Advanced thermal imaging camera devices & electro optic thermal scanning electrical systems are high-tech...  more
    B Series
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/b-series-handheld-thermal-imager/ />
    #handheld #thermal #imaging #camera

    High Image Quality
    A highly sensitive VOx detector (NETD < 40 mK) provides a distinct thermal vision of the...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    Cabin Series Thermal Scope Monocular

    Cabin For Thermal Imaging Optics
    Cabin Series Thermal Scope has small size, light weight to be easily hold and operate. It also has quick-release battery pack, quick focusing knob, built-in LED light, making it the...  more
  • Proximus Medical
    Are you looking to buy U Arm X Ray Machine online? Proximus Medical is here for you! We are your partner in #digital #medical #imaging. Providing nationwide service, competitive pricing, extensive #equipment selection in medical #XRay equipment,...  more
  • Proximus Medical
    Proximus Medical is your partner in digital #medical #imaging. Providing nationwide service, competitive pricing, extensive #equipment selection in medical X Ray Equipment, #ultrasound, bone densitometry, #Fluoroscopy, #CT, #MRI and #Mammography. For...  more
  • Bit CCTV
    Designed to provide maximum situation awareness and 24/7 threat assessment, BIT-CCTV's long range PTZ infrared cameras help you protect your most valuable assets. With the latest uncooled IR camera technology/640*512 resolution, lens options up to 190mm...  more
  • enulirvision
    Infrared thermal imaging technology is now more and more widely used in many different areas around the world, such as the security monitoring, industrial detection, the autonomous vehicle auxiliary market, iron industry and so on. Choosing the most...  more
  • enulirvision
    The TI400S|TI600S HD thermal camera adopts 384×288|640×480 high pixel aSi micro-heat detector. With its excellent imaging quality, friendly user interface operation and rich temperature measurement functions, this smart thermal camera can meet the...  more
  • walson tecn
    Infrared thermal imaging technology has been applied in both civil and military fields. It originates from the military at first and is now gradually turning for civilian use. In civil use, it is generally called thermal imager, which is mainly used in...  more
  • bettersizeinstruments
    Automated Imaging

    #dynamic #imaging #particle #analysis

    Most particle size measurement technology methods are based on the assumption of spherical shaped particles. This hypothesis leads to significant errors in the analysis if the particles are flake...  more
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