• The Difference Between Bonded Ndfeb Magnets And Sintered Ndfeb Magnets
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/service-support/article/difference-bonded-ndfeb-and-sintered-magnets.html /> #holding #magnets #manufacturer
    NdFeB magnets can be divided into bonded NdFeB...  more
  • The Application of Rubber Magnets on Fridge Magnets
    https://www.meank-magnet.com/application/the-application-of-rubber-magnets-on-fridge-magnet.html /> #holding #magnets #manufacturer
    Fridge magnets are daily hanging decorations, generally used in...  more
  • strongmagnetics .com
    Permanent Magnet Used for Holding
    https://www.strong-magnetics.com/permanent-magnet-used-for-holding/ /> #holding #magnet
    Office magnets are the best case of holding magnets, various magnetic pins firmly hold paper content to a whiteboard.
  • Mary Orwells
    #Holding #Hands #Hospice is one of the trusted Hospice #Care #Service Provider In #Dallas. Avail the Benefits of #HHH services such as #CRISIS CARE, #NURSES | #HOME #HEALTH #AIDES, #RESPITE CARE, HOME CARE, #ASSISTED #LIVING, etc. Want to Know more...  more
  • Pot magnets not only used as holding magnets to hold a metal object, some special pot magnets can also use as search magnets to salvage under deep water.

    Search magnets also are known as fishing magnets, salvage magnets, and magnetic fishers. The...  more
  • Category: rubber coated pot magnets/ rubber coated holdingmagnets/ internal thread rubber coated holding magnets/ internal thread rubber coated pot magnets/rubber coated holding magnets with internal screw thread

    Advantages: waterproof magnets, soft...  more
  • Product Category: NdFeB pot magnets/internal threaded pot magnets

    Product Features: strong holding force, pot magnets with internal thread,pot magnets with screw socket

    Available Grade: N35-N54

    Surface Treatment: NiCuNi, Zn, Cr,...  more
  • Product Category: Holding Magnet

    Product Name:magnetic tool holder/magnetic tool bars/magnetic tool strips

    Available Size: 8"/12"/18"/24"/30" in length
    Magnetic tool holder a are very practical magnetic product, it is made of carbon steel housing and...  more
  • Product Category: Magnetic Hooks/Hook Magnets

    Product Name: Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

    Advantage:wide range of usage occasion,hook is flexible

    Available Size: D25x8mm, D32x8mm, D36x8mm
    These magnetic carabiner hooks compose of steel shell and neodymium...  more
  • Pot magnets are the very useful permanent magnets assemblies, they are results of the development of magnets application, and play important roles in daily life. They can be used as holding magnets or magnetic holders, for example, some supermarket use...  more
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