• supertech com
    High Temperture Corematerial-Based VIP For Wide Temperature Range (-196℃-800℃)
    https://www.supertech-vip.com/products/high-heat-conductivity-materials/ />
    #high #heat #conductivity #materials

    With unique structure of thermal dissipation - thermal...  more
  • supertech com
    Fumed Silica Film
    https://www.supertech-vip.com/products/fumed-silica-film/ />
    #heat #proofing #material

    SNG (gas-silicon) is a high-barrier film developed for gas-silicon vacuum insulation panels. It has excellent anti-aging, oxygen and water resistance...  more
  • goleadmachine
    Printing Machine
    https://www.goleadmachine.com/products/printing-machine/ />
    #heat #press #machine #for #plastic #cups

    A Printing Machine is an indispensable device used in industries such as publishing, advertising, and packaging to create copies of...  more
  • cstitanium
    Falling-film Evaporator
    https://www.cstitanium.com/products/falling-film-evaporator.html /> #falling #film #heat #exchanger
    The Falling-film Evaporator finds diverse applications in industries like medicine, food, and chemicals. Operating under vacuum, it...  more
  • hhcprecision
    https://www.hhc-precision.com/metal-surface-treatment/ />
    #surface #heat #treatment

    HHC Surface Treatment Types
    Metal surface treatment is a process method that uses the technology of modern physics, chemistry, metallurgy, heat...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Seek the assistance of experts for heat pump installation in Tupelo

    https://hvacandplumbng.livejournal.com/259.html />
    Heat pumps consume significantly less electrical energy than conventional methods of generating heat from electricity. Additionally,...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Why a heat pump installation in Columbus is worth considering?

    https://hvac--plumbing-co-40011245.hubspotpagebuilder.com/ />
    If you are looking for ways of improving the energy efficiency of your home, a professional heat pump installation in Columbus...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Why investing in a professional heat pump installation in Starkville is worth it?

    https://hvacandplumbingco.blogspot.com/2023/06/why-investing-in-professional-heat-pump.html />
    The primary reason for considering a professional heat pump installation in...  more
  • sunkaier
    Chemical Processing Machines For Battery & Energy

    SUNKAIER's fluid technology and kneading technology is mainly reflected in the following:

    Kneading operation is often accompanied by heating or cooling process. On the one hand, the unit volume of...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Are you planning for a professional heat pump installation in Tupelo?

    https://hvacandplumbingco.mailchimpsites.com/ />
    Hiring professionals for heat pump installation in Starkville will be a great way to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Ensure efficient heat transfer with a professional heat pump installation in Columbus

    http://hvacandplumbingco.populr.me/ />
    You can get HVAC services in Columbus to identify and address any issues before they become a bigger problem. If you adequately...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Get HVAC services in Tupelo to ensure better performance of your system

    https://hvacandplumbingco.jimdosite.com/ />
    You can switch to a professional heat pump installation in Starkville to make your home more energy efficient and reduce its carbon...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Searching to hire experienced heat pump installation in Columbus
    https://hvacandplumbingco1.square.site/ /> Suppose you are considering installing heat pumps for your residential or commercial property. In that case, it is essential to know the pros and...  more
  • Marcus Dawson
    Do you know the importance of getting HVAC services in Starkville?

    https://hvacandplumbingco.wordpress.com/ />
    Any heating and cooling system has to face the challenges of managing temperature and comfort. A heat pump can handle this challenge in all...  more
  • biocell pharma
    SANITARY HEAT EXCHANGER #wfi #heat #exchanger The end of the heat exchange tube is fastened with double tube plates, and serves as a leakage monitoring point to prevent the two-way cross contamination of the material and heat exchange medium. ...  more
  • CAD Outsourcing Services
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Non-stick Heat Pressing Sheet
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-non-stick-heat-pressing-sheet/ /> #heat #resistant #silicone #fabric

    Firstly, it can resist high temperature and flame retardant. The temperature resistance range of PTFE imported...  more
  • genvan
    Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber (250 and 300 centigrade Degree) #is #silicone #rubber #heat #resistant GA-60*1series heat resistant silicone rubbers have excellent heat resistance properties, which can make the transparent product. Product contact...  more
  • genvan
    Thermally Conductive Silicone Rubber #heat #conductive #silicone #rubber GA-96*0 series thermal conductivity silicone rubbers have good thermal conductive property, excellent heat transfer performance.

    Features of Thermal Conductivity Silicone...  more
  • Commercial HVAC Installation
    https://www.excellenceairhvac.com/commercial-hvac-installation/ /> #commercial #heat #pump #installation
    Excellence AC & Heating has a good reputation for commercial AC equipment installation. Every year, we have many customers...  more
  • Air Handler Install
    https://www.excellenceairhvac.com/air-handler-install/ /> #replacing #heat #strips #air #handler
    If you are looking forward to AC handler installation then you are supposed to know about it in detail. The handler is considered to be a...  more
  • heat transferfilms
    PET heat transfer fim paper for screen printing includes the polyester release film by gloss and matt, super matt finished. Screen print heat transfer paper is suitable for plastisol ink, water-based ink, silicone ink, and sovent based ink. There are...  more
  • heat transferfilms
    HS/CP-007 is a heat transfer PET film for silicone inks with soft velvet and elastic touch. Release coating on one side and cold peel matte finished. Our silicone coated PET release film is free of formaldehyde and phthalate. Dimensional stability with...  more
  • heat transferfilms
    HS/CP-004 is a polyester transfer film designed specifically for screen printing on garments. This type of heat screen print transfers has super matte release coating on both sides. 100micron or 120micron thickness with the super matte finished coating...  more
  • heat transferfilms
    Pressing Screen Print Transfers
    Screen Prints For Heat Press
    Screen Print Transfers Custom
    Pressing Screen Print Transfers
    Screen Prints For Heat Press
    HS/CP-001 Cold Peel Pet Transfer Films for Screenprint
    HS/CP-001 is one side coated cold peel transfer...  more
    Heat-resistant Turbine Cover

    #turbo #heat #shield #material

    QIAN-ZE heat-resistant turbine cover is specialized in protecting turbines from extreme heat conditions that is widely used in F1 racing car, industrial vehicle, power generation assembly,...  more
  • beokaodm com
    Busy office workers bow their heads, neck soreness and cervical pain.
    Long time phone use, affecting the curvature of the cervical spine.
    Poor sleeping posture, insomnia, dreaminess and headache.
    Your painful cervical spine needs Beoka Hot Compress and...  more
  • ezhong
    Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Aircraft #plane #heat #press #machine The high precision of the plane heat press machine, the mature technology, and the reliable quality of the plate bending machine designed, manufactured, and sold by EZHONG ensure...  more
  • Midea
    Toshiba T10 Heat Pump Washer & Dryer
    https://www.coolwasher.com/products/toshiba-t10-heat-pump-washer-dryer/ />
    #heat #pump #dryer #washer #combo
    ASDD Motor
    TOSHIBA ASDD motor as third generation of DD motor uses expensive materials and upgraded...  more
  • 7cfindu stries
    https://www.7cfindustries.com/products/heat-resistant-spray-paint-600-degree/ /> #high #heat #aerosol #paint
    Self-dry paint film at room temperature solidifies as the temperature rises. After being baked at 200...  more
    Advantages of Infrared Heating Tube with White Coating

    Infrared heat lamp tube unlike convection or conduction, dose not rely on any medium to transfer heat from infrared source to the object being heated, heat directly to the object.

    Long serving...  more
    This kind of industrial heat lamp is made of high-purity double tube transparent quartz tube, with gold plating on the back, overall gold plating or white coating on the back, which greatly improves the radiation efficiency and saves energy...  more
  • #FacadeShopDrawing is an important part of #FacadeFabricationDetailingServices and each of the building need a #facade that the further mode adorns the #structure. Our custom #FacadeShopDrawings is generated with the intent to maintain the indoor climate...  more
  • Yang Jun
    Pre-weld heat treatment is a common process to reduce welding cracks and reduce welding stress. For welding with certain process requirements, the welding seam and surrounding areas need to be preheated before welding. And this preheating before welding...  more
  • hexita hathvv
    Electric Vibrating Shiatsu Dome Foot Massager With Infrared Heating
    https://www.hexitahathvv.com/massager/electric-vibrating-shiatsu-foot-massager-with-infrared-heating/ /> Air Compression + Heating

    This foot massager with infrared heat has a breathable...  more
  • topo sensor
    Specification: TPS180913-21

    Material: NTC glass-sealed thermistor/plastic cable tie/Teflon wire

    Applicable temperature range:-30~150℃

    Output signal: analog signal output

    1. Fast cable tie shell, which can be quickly installed...  more
  • Andrea Smith
    There is nothing #worse than coming #home after a long day at #work or #arriving at your #office early in the morning and realizing that your #air #conditioning isn’t working correctly. We use our air-conditioned homes and offices to escape the Florida...  more
  • sunchienergy
    Domestic DC Inverter Heat Pump (8KW/12KW/15KW/18KW)

    #15 #kw #air #source #heat #pump

    Product DescriptionSpecification
    Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump Overview
    Heating Capacity Range: 8kW/12kW/15kW/18kW for buyer to choose,
    220V/1Ph/50Hz power supply suit...  more
  • sunchienergy
    Commercial Heat Pump (12KW/19KW/35KW/45KW)

    #commercial #heat #pump #water #heater #manufacturers

    Product DescriptionSpecification
    Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Overview
    It can save around 75% power compare with normal electric heater,...  more
  • sunchienergy
    Commercial DC Inverter Heat Pump (18KW/25KW/30KW)

    #inverter #driven #heat #pump

    Product DescriptionSpecification
    DC Inverter Driven Heat Pump Overiew
    Famous world name brand parts: DC inverter MITSUBISHI Compressor and HITACHI DC inverter controller,...  more
  • sunchienergy
    Big Project DC Inverter Heat Pump (65KW/70KW)

    #7kw #heat #pump

    Product DescriptionSpecification
    High Efficiency DC Inverter Heat Pump Overview
    Inverter 10~120rps MITSUBISHI Compressor and 60Hz~330Hz HITACHI inverter controller, 300~1000rpm BLDC motor,...  more
  • sunchienergy
    All in One Inverter Heat Pump (Heating+Cooling+DHW)

    #all #in #one #heat #pump #system

    Product DescriptionSpecification
    So it inside has 2 heat exchanger separately for heating/cooling and hot water, so it can sure 100% Heat recovery for hot water when...  more
  • wsxchem
    Is Epoxy Resin Heat Resistant?

    #is #epoxy #glue #heat #resistant

    Is Epoxy Resin Heat Resistant?
    1. Epoxy resin AB adhesive classification: can be divided into epoxy resin filling adhesive, epoxy resin thermal conductive adhesive, epoxy resin sealant,...  more
  • Ventilation
    Thenow wine cellar cooling units self-contained is best suited for wine cabinets and smaller wine rooms. This unit is intended for use in cabinets of up to 15 cubic meters. Designed to lower the temperature at its best scope 10~16 degree...  more
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