• RNF Series 6 Station Nut Former

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    RNF Series 6 Station Nut Former
    Nut making machine is a special cold forging equipment for producing hex nuts. It adopts the cold forging method to feed the material through the...  more
  • RBF Series 5 Station Bolt Former

    #bolt #former #machine

    RBF Series 5 Station Bolt Former
    The RBF Series 5 Station Bolt Former is a specialized equipment used for the efficient and precise production of bolts. With its 5 stations, it offers multiple...  more
  • RBF Series 4 Station Bolt Former

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    RBF Series 4 Station Bolt Former
    The RBF Series 4 Station Bolt Former is a high-performance machine designed for efficient production of bolts. With its four stations, it offers multi-stage processing...  more
  • growingmechanical
    Carton Forming Machine
    https://www.growingmechanical.com/products/carton-forming-machine/ /> #carton #former
    Carton Forming Machine
    Box Making Machine is an ideal equipment to produce paper boxes such as hamburger boxes, chips boxes, fried chicken boxes,...  more
  • Sue Wang
    The Working Principle and Characteristics of Metal Forming Machine

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    Ⅰ. Working principle of metal forming machine

    The metal forming machine is composed of two squeezing wheels that rotate in synchronization with each other, one is...  more
  • Sue Wang
    What Problems Should We Pay Attention to when Choosing Colored Steel Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine?

    #purlin #roll #former

    What problems should we pay attention to when choosing color steel roof tile roll forming machine? For many enterprises, they...  more
  • Bosj Science
    http://www.bosj.com/products/panel-roll-forming-machine.html /> #china #roll #former
    Overview of Panel Roll Forming Machine
    The color plate produced by discharging, forming and post-forming cutting has a flat appearance, uniform...  more
  • Bosj Science
    http://www.bosj.com/products/galvanized-steel-silo-upright-double-layer-roll-forming-machine.html /> #china #roll #former
    The development of steel silo corrugated tile forming machine and...  more
  • Bosj Science
    With the gradual increase of cold rolling capacity, the consumption of rolls (including work rolls, support rolls and intermediate rolls, etc.) and oil film bearings is also increasing. In this case, more and more demands are placed on the rolls. It is...  more
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