• Signcomplex Ltd. Irene fu
    Flood Light #flood #light #manufacturer 5CCT Adjustable Retrofit Downlight
    5CCT Gimbal Retrofit Downlight
    3CCT Adjustable Downlight https://www.signcomplex.com/products/flood-light/
    High Mast Flood Light

    HPWINNER high mast flood light adopts whole structure heating dissipation design with efficient thermal conduction. The unique patented IP68 LED light module can ensure tool-less onsite replacement of light engines and reduce...  more
    FL46 LED Flood Light

    The wattage range of FL46 stadium& airport & harbor led flood light 40W-960W
    FL46 LED flood light is specially developed for outdoor high-power lighting needs, suitable for airports, harbor, large stadiums and so on. Wide wattage...  more
    FL40A LED Flood Light

    The wattage range of FL40A stadium led flood light 500W-1500W

    FL40 series is a high-power flood light applied for large outdoor space or stadium. Quantity of the modules can be adjusted to suit different scenarios. Angle of each...  more
    FL37A LED Flood Light

    The wattage range of FL37A LED Flood Light is 10W/15W/25W/30W.

    FL37A is a kind of wall-mounted LED flood light with small wattage but high reliability. It is widely used in parks, gardens, advertisement walls,s or billboards. IP68...  more
  • Anern Anern
    Adjustable Modular LED Flood Light (TGD03)
    https://www.anerngroup.com/products/adjustable-modular-led-flood-light-tgd03/ /> #flood #light #led #1000w
    AN-TGD03 series LED adjustable flood light is an engineering lighting fixture with adjustable LED module...  more
  • Anern Anern
    Adjustable LED Module All In One Solar Street Light (SLA)
    https://www.anerngroup.com/products/adjustable-all-in-one-solar-street-light-sla/ /> #led #flood #lights #wholesale
    The Details of Adjustable LED Module All In One Solar Street Light (SLA)
    The...  more
  • Akshaya Patra
    The #Assam Government issued a red alert on 15 July 2019 as the #flood situation turned extremely critical with water level rising every hour. This merciless flood has severely affected people, wildlife, infrastructure, and livelihood of the entire...  more
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