• breezyfiber
    Fiber Materials
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    #fiber #based #materials
    Breezy Fiber will elevate your choices with our innovative Cellulose-Based Materials, embrace sustainability and performance in perfect harmony. From lightweight packaging...  more
    Apollo AK Two-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000w-6000w
    https://www.remcortechnology.com/products/apollo-ak-two-chuck-tube-laser-cutting-machine-1000w-6000w/ />
    #2kw #fiber #laser

    Remcor technology is a global supplier for the turnkey fiber laser...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/smc-cross-connect-cabinet/ /> #custom #fiber #optic #assemblies
    The SMC Cross-Connect Cabinet is a great way to manage your fiber optic cables in a FTTH network. It is easy to use and makes...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    MTP/MPO Cabels
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/mtp-mpo-cabels/ /> #fiber #optic #products #suppliers
    MPO/MTP cables are designed to avoid crowding and unmanageable data centers, consist of connectors and ready-to-connect fibers, and are more...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    MTP/MPO Adapters
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/mtp-mpo-adapters/ /> #fiber #assembly
    MTP/MPO Adapters can accurately connect two connectors and reduce connection loss, mainly used for fiber optic cable to fiber optic cable or fiber optic cable to...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Micro Data Centre
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/micro-data-centre/ /> #optical #fiber #assembly
    A micro data center (MDC) is a small modular data center designed for computer workloads that do not require traditional facilities, including all...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Metal Distribution Boxes
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/metal-distribution-boxes/ /> #fiber #optic #assemblies
    Metal Distribution Box refers to the box made of cold rolled plate, aluminum plate or stainless steel, which has longer life and better...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Metal Cross-Connect Cabinet
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/metal-cross-connect-cabinet/ /> #fiber #optic #products
    Metal cross-connect cabinet is currently being widely used in outside environment. It provides more protection for the cable and...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Integrated Outdoor Cabinet
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/integrated-outdoor-cabinet/ /> #optical #fiber #products
    Integrated Outdoor Cabinet are made of metal materials that keep unauthorized operators out and provide security systems for...  more
  • welinktelecom com
    Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable
    https://www.welinktelecom.com/products/indoor-armored-fiber-optic-cable/ /> #fiber #optic #products #supplier
    Indoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable as the name suggests, is a kind of fiber optic cable wrapped with a layer of...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS-07560 0.75mm Diameter 60mm Length Hooked End Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/sds-07560-0-75mm-diameter-60mm-length-hooked-end-steel-fiber.html />
    #steel #fiber #manufacturer

    This fiber is made of cold-drawn wire. Because of its high...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS-07535 0.75mm Diameter 35mm Length Hooked End Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/sds-07535-0-75mm-diameter-35mm-length-hooked-end-steel-fiber.html />
    #steel #fiber #reinforced #concrete #supplier

    This hooked steel fiber is a...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS-05535 0.55mm Diameter 35mm Length Glued Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/sds-05535-0-55mm-diameter-35mm-length-glued-steel-fiber.html />
    #concrete #fiber #suppliers

    This kind of steel fiber has the best comprehensive effect, and the...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS-05035 0.50mm Diameter 35mm Length Glued Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/sds-05035-0-50mm-diameter-35mm-length-glued-steel-fiber.html />
    #steel #fiber #suppliers

    The glued steel fibers are water-soluble with good dispersion in...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Micro Copper Coated Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/micro-copper-coated-steel-fiber/ />
    #steel #fiber #supplier

    Micro steel fibers are made of copper coated steel wire, which is the most important materials of RPC and UHPC. UHPC has...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/loose-hooked-end-steel-fiber/ />
    #concrete #fiber #manufacturers

    Hooked end steel fibres are made of high-quality cold drawn steel line, in order to make sure that it has high tensile...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Steel Fiber
    https://www.cnsteelfiber.com/products/ />
    #steel #fiber #manufacturer

    There are many types of steel fibres used in concrete/types of fibers in concrete . The steel fiber for concrete reinforcement is a new kind of metal material, in order...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fiber-bragg-grating-fbg/ /> #fiber #optical #switch

    Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is a basic element widely used in telecommunication, laser and sensor fields. With superior apodized technologies,...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Wavelength Interrogator
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-wavelength-interrogator.html /> #fiber #optic #strain #sensor

    The FBG Wavelength Interrogator AGSWA is designed to be a robust, reliable and long-term filed operation for the FBG sensing...  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Tilt Sensor
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-tilt-sensor.html /> #fiber #optic #sensor

    FBG Tilt Sensor TL-01 has a linear relationship between the reflection wavelength and the tilt angle. It is suitable for temporary or permanent monitoring....  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-temperature-sensor-st-01.html /> #sensing #fiber

    FBG Temperature Sensor ST-01 uses stainless steel sleeve packaging technology, which has good anti-corrosion and sealing performance....  more
  • atgrating atgrating
    FBG Temperature Sensor
    https://www.atgrating.com/products/fbg-temperature-sensor/ /> #fiber #bragg #grating

    The sensitivity of the FBG temperature sensor is sometimes referred to as the resolution or temperature sensitivity of the sensor, that is, the...  more
  • PHXFIBER com
    China OEM Push-Cleaner
    The PUSH-Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors in adapters. Simply insert the Push-Cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible click is heard. The PUSH-Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an...  more
  • PHXFIBER com
    Fiber Optic Cabinet
    Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet (FDC) is a kind of device that provides termination and cross-connection for feeder cables and distribution cables. After optical cables are led into the cabinet, the feeder cables and distribution...  more
  • greenweimo greenweimo
    Square Bioderadable Bowls Wholesale
    https://www.greenweimo.com/products/square-compostable-bioderadable-bowl/ /> #natural #fiber #packaging

    Environmental protection bagasse with special design

    GREENWEIMO produce with advanced technology and can customize...  more
  • greenweimo greenweimo
    Square Shape Sugarcane Plate
    https://www.greenweimo.com/products/square-biodegradable-shape-sugarcane-plate/ /> #fiber #based #packaging

    GREENWEIMO biodegradable sugarcane plates is an environmentally friendly product. We have extensive product lines...  more
    i7 series ultra precise laser cutting machine
    https://www.bodor.com/en/videos/machine-show/i7.html /> #metal #fiber #laser #cutting #machine #suppliers

    Prev: New A 2.0 Single Plate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    Next:Intelligent Loading And Unloading...  more
    Tube laser cutting machines
    https://www.bodor.com/en/fiber-laser-cutting-machine/tube-laser-cutting-machines/ /> #bodor #fiber #laser

    M Series
    Heavy Tube Laser Cutting Machine M Series

    K Series
    Economical tube fiber laser cutting machine K...  more
  • Gearlinkoptic
    Optical Transceiver Solutions Offered By WHGearlink
    Cloud Computing & Data Center

    Enterprise Smart Data-com Solution

    Wireless Interconnect

    Network Solution
    #fiber #optic #network #solution
  • aceingredients
    Tofu Additives
    https://www.aceingredients.com/tofu-additives/ /> #natural #vegetable #fiber

    TG Prolink B
    Higher elasticity, juiciness and better mouth-feel

    Produces a new type of vegetarian food with high protein and low fat

    Can highly improve the gel...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    Steel Fiber Solutions #Concrete #fiber #solutions Steel fiber can effectively transmit and distribute stress and control crack propagation in concrete. It is easy to form alkaline film around the steel fiber to protect the steel fiber from corrosion. ...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    Steel Fibers For Shotcrete #fiber #reinforced #shotcrete 5.The rebound rate of steel shotcrete aggregate is lower than that of plain shotcrete, and the comprehensive unit price of steel shotcrete is lower, so steel shotcrete can replace the...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    Steel Fiber For Fatigue Resistance #fiber #reinforced

    Fatigue resistance of steel fiber compared with ordinary concrete, the flexural and compressive fatigue properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete are greatly improved. ...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    Steel Fiber Concrete Reinforcement #steel #fiber #reinforced #concrete Steel fiber retards the crack development of matrix concrete, which makes it tensile and flexural. Compared with ordinary concrete, the shear strength is significantly improved,...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Micro Copper Coated Steel Fiber #micro #steel #fiber
    Micro steel fibers are made of copper coated steel wire, which is the most important materials of RPC and UHPC. UHPC has the features of very high strength, high tenacity, very good durability,...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber #glued #steel #fiber Glued hooked end steel fibre is made of high quality cold-drawn wire. The glued steel fiber in bulked could make sure it has good dispersibility in concrete. Compared with general concrete, steel...  more
  • Kitty Qin
    SDS Steel Fiber #steel #fiber The steel fiber for concrete reinforcement is a new kind of metal material, in order to enhance concrete and shotcrete in its hardened state. Tengzhou SDS steel fibers make concrete have extremely high flexural strength...  more
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    https://www.china-tscom.com/products/standard-patch-cord/ />
    #fiber #optic #patch #cord #supplier

    Fiber Patch Cord or jumper is a fiber cable that has fiber connectors terminated on one or both ends. General use of these cable...  more
  • china-tscom china-tscom
    Standard Ceramic Ferrule
    https://www.china-tscom.com/products/standard-ceramic-ferrule/ />
    #fiber #ferrule

    What is a ceramic ferrule?
    Ferrule plays a significant role in Fiber Connectors as well as Fiber Patchcord. With the characteristics of low...  more
  • huasnet
    As we all know, CAT5/6 can only cover about 100 meters, for longer distance transmission it's obviously not enough. Under such circumstances, fiber and media converter devices play a very critical part. By converting Ethernet into fiber optical signal,...  more
  • huasnet
    For easy installation, there are 2 common ways. H3B industrial fiber converter can be either wall-mounted or directly installed on DIN rail. H3B industrial fiber optic media converters are developed to perform under harsh conditions within a wide range...  more
    25G SFP28 BIDI/LWDM/CWDM/DWDM transceivers for 5G front haul are available now.
    Browse our broad range of products designed to help you enable your communication networks.

    Manufacturing AdvantageOur Manufacturing AdvantagePrimus IT has the R&D,...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    Raycus Starts the National Process Service Tour:the Fourth Stop -Kashgar
    Date:2021-08-24Source:Original article
    We set off all the way west, after several twists and turns, with the bright sun hanging high in the sky at 10 p.m., seeing endless...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    It has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, strong reliability, long life, and maintenance-free operation. It can be widely used in welding, precision...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    The 20-100W Q-Switched Pulse Fiber Laser Series developed by Raycus is the industrial marking and micromachining laser. This series pulse laser has high peak power, high single-pulse energy and optional spot diameter and can be widely applied...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    It has the advantages of high electro-optical conversion efficiency, good beam quality, high energy density, wide modulation frequency, strong reliability, long life, and maintenance-free operation. It can be widely used in welding, precision...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    Raycus Starts the National Process Service Tour:the Fourth Stop -Kashgar
    We set off all the way west, after several twists and turns, with the bright sun hanging high in the sky at 1
    Raycus Starts the National Process Service Tour: the Third...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    The brand-new short-pulse fiber laser launched by Raycus has a variety of pulse width options, including high average power (20-200W), high-peak power (≤15kW) and 2-500ns variety of pulse width, adjustable repetition frequencies of 1-2000kHz,...  more
  • en raycuslaser
    High-power pulsed fiber lasers series is the latest product developed by Raycus. It has average output of (200-2000W), high single pulse energy, uniform square or circular spot energy distribution, easy to use and maintain. They are the ideal products...  more
  • Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
    #fiber #optic #products #supplier
    Outdoor fiber optic cable is a communication line applied in an outdoor environment. TUOLIMA can customize any model of outdoor fiber optic cable according to your requirements. If you need any...  more