• luzhoupack
    Compostable Tableware Used In Restaurant
    https://www.luzhou-pack.com/compostable-tableware-used-in-restaurant/ /> #eco #friendly #meal #prep #containers
    How should the restaurant industry implement the concept of energy conservation and environmental...  more
  • easyngreen com
    https://www.easyngreen.com/products/biodegradable-food-containers-with-lids/ /> #eco #friendly #containers #with #lids
    Easy Green disposable food packaging cover 100% recyclable plastic products,100% biodegradable...  more
  • easyngreen com
    https://www.easyngreen.com/products/biodegradable-deli-container/ /> #eco #deli #containers
    Disposable food packaging containers from Easygreen, include kraft papaer disposable takeaway containers, biodegradable plastic...  more
  • easyjointgreen easyjointgreen
    Compostable Deli Containers
    https://www.easyjointgreen.com/collections/compostable-deli-containers /> #eco #friendly #food #packaging

    Description of Biodegradable Deli Containers
    Cooked food containers can keep your food in place without causing...  more
  • easyjointgreen easyjointgreen
    Compostable Cutlery Set
    https://www.easyjointgreen.com/collections/compostable-cutlery-set /> #food #packaging #eco

    Description of Eco-friendly Cutlery Set
    High-temperature stability and super strength – tableware will not melt, deform or dissolve into...  more
  • easyjointgreen easyjointgreen
    https://www.easyjointgreen.com/collections/cake /> #eco #friendly #food #packaging #companies

    100% Compostable bakery Containers
    Our clamshell food containers are made from 100% compostable sugarcane fibers, yet offer the same sturdy function and easy...  more
  • greenweimo greenweimo
    New Design Sugarcane Bagasse Oval Bowls
    https://www.greenweimo.com/products/new-design-sugarcane-bagasse-oval-bowls/ />
    #eco #packaging #wholesale

    GREENWEIMO disposable bowls are eco friendly containers for food. They will be biodegradable in 90 days in...  more
  • greenweimo greenweimo
    Natural Eco-friendly Disposable Bowls
    https://www.greenweimo.com/products/natural-eco-friendly-sustainable-round-bowl/ /> #eco #friendly #biodegradable #packaging

    In China, bowl is a very important tableware. GREENWEIMO eco friendly soup bowls with lids...  more
  • peonybuyoh
    Mens Bamboo Shirts
    https://www.peonybuyoh.com/products/mens-bamboo-shirts/ /> Mens Bamboo Shirts
    Shirts are always is one of the most popular clothing for men, wherever you are, workday in office, on vacation or relax at home. crew neck in 1x1 rib which has...  more
  • peonybuyoh
    Mens Bamboo Pajama Set
    https://www.peonybuyoh.com/products/mens-bamboo-pajama-set/ /> Mens Bamboo Pajama Set
    mens bamboo pajama set, - long sleeve crew neck undershirts and long underpants with 3.5cm elastic waistband and 3D pouch at center of front. made...  more
  • peonybuyoh
    Mens Bamboo Leggings
    https://www.peonybuyoh.com/products/mens-bamboo-leggings/ /> Mens Bamboo Leggings
    Men's leggings with slim cut and perfect stitching make you amazing fit, made in bamboo viscose/cotton/spandex and 3D pouch at center of front,, you can...  more
  • peonybuyoh
    Mens Bamboo Boxer Briefs
    https://www.peonybuyoh.com/products/mens-bamboo-boxer-briefs/ /> Mens boxer briefs made in 68%bamboo viscose 27%cotton 5% elastane with skull design prints which have a soft hand feel and good colourfastness, 4cm wide elastic...  more
  • peonybuyoh
    Mens And Womens Organic Cotton Pyjama Set
    https://www.peonybuyoh.com/products/mens-and-womens-organic-cotton-pyjama-set/ /> Mens And Womens Organic Cotton Pyjama Set
    Poplin pyjama set, for both men and women, one pocket on the left chest of long sleeve...  more
  • bohaokitchentools bohaokitchentools
    Rubber Dish Sponge And Silicone Scrubber Wholesale

    #eco #silicone #sponge

    The Silicone Scrubber for creating clean, Safer and Higher Quality life! Multifunction,Easy to Use and Easy to Clean. As a professional manufacturer in silicone scrubber and...  more
  • sotong roup
    Biodegradable Cutlery
    #eco #friendly #products #in #china
    Soton Biodegradable Eating Utensils bulk & Environmentally Friendly Cutlery
    cPLA (Crystallized PLA) cutlery is a new innovative biodegradable eating utensil that has high-temperature resistance....  more
  • purco tton
    As a professional cotton buds manufacturer/factory with over 30 years of production experience, Winner Medical possesses a purified workshop to ensure the high quality and hygiene of our cosmetic cotton buds. #eco #cotton #swabs
    ...  more
  • zhib eneco
    In the coffee & bakery industry, in order to maintain the taste of hot and cold drinks, we have high requirements on the container to avoid odors at high temperature.
    #eco #friendly #bakery #packaging
  • zhib eneco
    Our eco-friendly food box, also known as zero waste food box, has a variety of shapes. No matter how picky the customers are, they can still find a box for food packages that they are satisfied with. #eco #food #boxes ...  more
  • zhib eneco
    With the development of the economy, people's spiritual world is constantly enriched. Gift giving has become a daily routine in life. #eco #friendly #gift #packaging
  • zhib eneco
    Disposable tableware makes our lives more convenient. Traditional disposable plastic tableware will generate a large amount of white garbage that cannot be degraded after use. #eco #friendly #catering #packaging
    ...  more
  • mafa games
    Eco-Soil Group
  • china ecofiber
    This texture denim jacket has a seriously stylish fit. No collar design, with a Japanese style. The refreshing color allows it to be worn with pants and skirts of any color. A natural wrinkling wash effect makes this jacket look retro and natural.

    How...  more
  • china ecofiber
    This men's short in a lightweight yet hardwearing hemp fabric, feature an elastic waist that can be adjusted according to your desired fit with a drawstring at the front. It is not just comfortable they look stylish too. It can pair with a linen blazer...  more
  • sotong roup
    Biodegradable disposable gloves are very commonly used daily necessities in our daily life, whether it is when we eat or clean things.

    Use of Disposable Gloves
    Biodegradable disposable gloves are very commonly used daily necessities in our daily life,...  more
  • cn crown
    The eco bottles made of natural rice husk fiber, safe and healthy. As an environmentally friendly bottles, which is free of heavy metals, plasticizer, in line with international food contact level standards, mildew proof and easy to clean, and give off a...  more
  • cn crown
    Cncrown is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the manufacturing, design and sales of bento boxes,sealed cups, cooler bags, tableware and other household products.
    CNCROWN Lunch Box & Accessories

    Parameter of Husk Fiber Kids Mini Lunch Box
    Item...  more
  • cn crown
    As a kind of eco-friendly bento box, CNCROWN rice husk bento lunch box contains natural rice husk fibre. It is environmentally friendly and degradable. Using food contact grade material, all of the lunch boxes we produce are safe and healthy. Their...  more
  • Colet Colet
    Office and Workplace Automatic Coffee Machines
    #eco #friendly #office #coffee #machines
    The office coffee system, which is also called OCS coffee, is becoming more and more necessary in most offices, no matter it is a small office with less than 10...  more
  • Shally  Warner
    Looking For The Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Acton

    Choose the best and #professional carpet cleaning service in Acton from "Carpet Cleaners PRO". They provide you with their #best carpet cleaning services and the product that they use is...  more
    Carpet Cleaning Acton: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners - Carpet Cle
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