• LIB1
    Dust Test Chamber
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    LIB Industry offers a wide range of dust test chambers with different sizes and configurations to meet various test requirements. Our dust test...  more
  • gdjimdoa
    Jimdoa Nail dust collector are easy to clean,more convenient.easy to collect the nail gel dust, acrylic nail dust, dip powder dust and poly extension gel dust .This nail dust vacuum machine with high suction fan, so it sucks nail dust well when you...  more
  • Electromagnetic pulse valves (also known as diaphragm valves) are compressed air "switches" for pulse bag filter dust cleaning systems. By the control of the output signal of the pulse jet control instrument, the filter bag is cleaned by one row...  more
  • The features of spray dust collection frame are: firm welding, clean and straight appearance, no damage to the filter bag, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance, and the surface post-treatment process is spray treatment.

    Dust removal frame,...  more
  • PTFE Dust Bag description:

    Material: PTFE (composite fiber)

    Common industries and conditions: for the chemical industry, waste incineration, coal-fired boilers, non-ferrous metal smelting and other highly corrosive high-temperature flue gas dust...  more
  • imd medical
    FFP2 Mask

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    Professional Protection Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    FFP2 face masks/respirators filter at least 94% of airborne particles and meet EU standard EN149 for half masks. They are used to protect the wearer against...  more
  • Dust Collector Shot blasting of casts, forged and pressed parts, remodeled cold or hot, of various complicated forms, springs, etc. (load capacities ranging up to Shot blasting of casts, forged and pressed part, remodeled cold or hot, of various...  more
    Dust Collector For Shot Blasting
  • This pulse jet dust collector is a new type of dust collector developed on the basis of our company's first generation dust collector. The stainless steel casing is thicker and the round design makes this duster have lower noise and beautiful appearance....  more
  • How Does The Electromagnetic Pulse Valve In The Bag Dust Collector Work? #electromagnetic #dust #collector The electromagnetic pulse valve can be said to be the switch in the ash cleaning system of the bag dust collector. When the dust-containing gas...  more
    How Does The Electromagnetic Pulse Valve In The Bag Dust Collect
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