• willcomemed
    Disposable Face Protection
    https://www.willcomemed.com/products/disposable-face-protection/ />
    #disposable #protective #mask

    Disposable Face Protection
    Disposable face protection refers to various types of protective equipment worn over the nose and...  more
  • airscreamuk
    Looking a trustworthy #Online #Store to buy #Disposable #Vapes? You only need to look at AIRSCREAM UK! We provide a large variety of premium disposable vapes at affordable prices. With a large selection of flavours, our disposable vapes are ideal for...  more
  • PakGent
    Medical consumables manufacturer PakGent Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. We specialize in the production and supply of disposable medical consumables for a wide range of customers, including pharmaceutical research and development,...  more
  • Bio-link
    Through the magnetic coupling mechanism, the motor drives the single-use stirring blades in the stirring bag to rotate, which can meet various needs such as liquid-liquid mixing, solid-liquid mixing, etc.

    Please be advised that this product is only...  more
  • airscreamuk
    Find a wide range of irresistible #Disposable #Vape #Flavors at AIRSCREAM UK online store. From fruity to dessert-inspired, we have the perfect flavor to satisfy your cravings. Shop now and experience the convenience and satisfaction of disposable vapes...  more
  • apk technology
    Philips Compatible A3165-EC1

    Parameters of A3165-EC1 Direct ECG Cable
    APK Part Number A3165-EC1
    OEM Part Number N/A
    OEM Manufacturer Philips
    Description Philips Compatible One piece 3-lead ECG cable Clip, AHA 8pin 1KΩ
    Compatible Brand Monitor...  more
  • good biopak
    Green Color PLA Cutlery Disposable Eco Friendly

    #green #disposable #cutlery

    The green color PLA cutlery is burr-free at the edge. The spoon head is thick and full, and the edges are polished smooth. The fork teeth are rounded so as to prevent injury....  more
  • good biopak
    Biodegradable Forks

    #biodegradable #disposable #forks

    The biodegradable forks is burr-free at the edge, the handle is thickened and firm, heat-insulating and scald-proof. LOGO, color and other specifications can be customized according to customer...  more
  • sopurecare com
    Disposable Sanitary Pads
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    #disposable #adult #diapers

    Sopure sanitary napkins have an open weave design and super absorbent holes, which can instantly lock in moisture and keep the skin...  more
  • sopurecare com
    Disposable Adult Underpad
    https://www.sopurecare.com/products/disposable-adult-underpad/ />
    #disposable #underpads #for #adults

    These thick adult disposable incontinence underpads can help protect bedding and sheets from uncontrolled bladder or urinary...  more
  • fjtianhe
    Baby Wipe
    https://www.fjtianhe.com/products/baby-wipe/ /> #disposable #hygienic #products
    Tianhe baby care wipes mainly include baby wipes for sensitive skin, dry baby face tissue, alcohol free baby wipes and best baby wipes for newborns. These kind of...  more
  • fjtianhe
    Baby Pull Up Diaper
    https://www.fjtianhe.com/products/baby-pull-up-diaper/ /> #disposable #sanitary #products
    Pull-up diapers mainly include disposable pull up diapers and cloth pull up diapers that can be washed and used repeatedly.
    Baby Pull Up...  more
  • fjtianhe
    Adult Diaper
    https://www.fjtianhe.com/products/adult-diaper /> #disposable #sanitary #products
    According to age and gender, we provide incontinence diapers for men and adult diapers for ladies.

    According to the size, we have XS adult diapers, adult...  more
  • LeoMed
    LeoMed Endoscopy Instruments
    For quality living and good health, LeoMed contributes to developing endoscopic surgery equipment for assisting the diagnosis, intervention and treatment of diseases in the digestive system, respiratory system and peripheral...  more
  • bosheen com
    Public Places

    #toilet #brush #with #disposable #head

    Outdoor large-capacity trash cans are widely used in public places such as airports, banks, squares, communities, streets, shopping malls, high-speed rail stations, scenic spots, etc. Because the...  more
  • koho pe
    Hypodermic Needles

    Top-quality stainless steel
    Large ID cannula which ensures high flow
    Semi-transparent needle hub
    Sharpness maximize patient comfort
    Color-coded hub for clear recognition of needle size
    Individual and bulk packaging, sterile
    ...  more
  • koho pe
    Face Masks

    Malleable and stable nose clip
    Extremely elastic ear loops
    Soft nonwoven with a high filtration rate
    Fits to the face

    Introduction Of Face Masks #disposable #face #mask #for #sale https://www.kohope.com/products/face-masks.html
  • Gc medica
    Disposable Pressure Infuser
    #Disposable #Pressure #Infuser
    Features of Disposable Pressure Infuser

    Each bag offers an oval-shaped bulb to ease inflation of the bladder as well as a transparent front panel to allow visual checking of fluids.

    They also...  more
  • Gc medica
    CPE Apron
    #disposable #cpe #apron
    Features of CPE Apron

    Made from comfortable and breathable material.

    classic tie waist, hook and loop neck, and elastic cuffs.

    Help save time, which features an apron-style neck to enable the apron to be worn and...  more
  • goodseller home
    A pair of comfortable and durable gloves help keep your hands away from liquids, oils, non-slip, and contaminants. They are suitable for serious suitation, including epidemic prevention, kitchen cleaning, pet care, handicrafts, painting, laboratory work...  more
  • lepu medical
    Occlude blood vessel and other tissue structures in the endoscopic surgery.

    Up to 20 titanium clips hit continuously.

    Used in small incision surgery and open surgery, occlude quickly.

    Single use instrument to avoid cross infection.

    Application:...  more
  • lepu medical
    Super-thin anvil, more convenient for procedure.

    Bigger inner cutting diameter, minimize anastomosis stricture.

    Rational arrangement of staples, reduce bleeding after procedure.

    Setting minimum stapling space to avoid damage to tissues.

    Imported...  more
  • lepu medical
    HD Series
    Better Clearnce Rate and Safer High-flux Dialyzer, two types of dialyzer are available: PC series and PP series. Provide high efficient and full-spectrum solution to filter all types of molecules in dialysis therapy.

    Efficient...  more
  • sotong roup
    Biodegradable disposable gloves are very commonly used daily necessities in our daily life, whether it is when we eat or clean things.

    Use of Disposable Gloves
    Biodegradable disposable gloves are very commonly used daily necessities in our daily life,...  more
  • shijie health
    Blue Surgical Mask

    #disposable #face #mask

    Details of Blue Surgical Mask

    Filter Rating:

    Available Times:

    YY0469; EN14683 TypeⅡR

    3...  more
  • Biodegradable food, including bowls soup cups, are made from compostable sugarcane materials. Therefore, This kind of biodegradable bowls and plates is eco-friendly. Biodegradable food bowls are great for serving rice, soups, pasta, fruits and etc.,...  more
  • Disposable Circumcision Stapler

    #disposable #circumcision #stapler

    The single use circumcision stapler (hereinafter referred to as the "circumcision stapler", there are two models of VMBQA and VMBQB according to the product shape, and each...  more
    Disposable Circumcision Stapler Surgery | Victor Medical
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