• jimafo
    JimaFor Casting
    https://www.jimaforging.com/casting-services.html />
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    As of today, we have developed More than 100 grades of materials and 5,000 products are produced.

    We specialize in the R & D and production of...  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Zinc Alloy Casting

    Die-casting is the core of the proto-mold company, our zinc alloy casting equipment is new equipment, its high precision, good stability, all die-casting process are automated production, effectively ensure the quality of die-casting....  more
  • gjprototyping com
    Vacuum Casting Plastic

    Vacuum casting process: free mold opening, low production cost, forming speed, high processing accuracy, support small batch customization and other characteristics, which can greatly reduce the product research and development...  more
  • deed com
    https://www.deedmachinetool.com/aerospace-cnc-machining.html /> #cnc #die #making #machine

    DEED Precision uses advanced technology and the best engineering solutions to provide the most accurate parts for aerospace-with fewer...  more
  • Keying com
    Aluminum Oxide Flap Wheel M14 (AO)
    https://www.keyingabrasives.com/products/aluminum-oxide-flap-wheel-m14-ao/ /> #die #grinder #wheels
    Flap wheels with Shank is suitable for grinding small area, dead angle, inner hole surface and slit gaps that difficult...  more
  • cheevenfsw cheevenfsw
    FSW Products
    https://www.cheevenfsw.com/products/fsw-products/ /> #die #casting #factory

    Cheeven is committed to the development, application and promotion of FSW friction stir welding technology. Pro in friction stir welding, Cheeven has rich experience...  more
  • kommangroup kommangroup
    https://www.kommangroup.com/semi-trailer-air-suspension-solution/ /> #aluminium #die #casting
    Structural Features
    This semi trailer air ride suspension for sale adopts single leaf spring as guide arm, 2 airbag...  more
  • oriensonmetal com
    Tool & Die Making
    As a professional stamping die company in China, Orienson has an experienced senior mold design team and production & testing types of equipment to meet the needs from design to production.
    Orienson's Tool & Die Making...  more
  • Cally Lu
    How Much is Injection Mold Generally?
    A customer contacted us by searching the plastic die mould manufacturers on the Internet and asked our customer service: "how much is the medical plastic die mould in general?" Generally speaking, if the structure is...  more
  • raycastings
    Vacuum Die Casting
    https://www.raycastings.com/products/vacuum-die-casting.html /> #vacuum #die #casting

    The vacuum casting, as this name indicates, is casting method which the major processes including the melting, pouring, solidifying are performed...  more
  • raycastings
    Squeeze Die Casting
    https://www.raycastings.com/products/squeeze-die-casting.html /> #squeeze #die #casting

    The squeeze die casting, also names extrusion casting or liquid die forging, is kind of newly developed metal forming technic which combines the...  more
  • ly slitter
    The label die-cutting machine is all kinds of trademarks processed into the final product must be the machine. The steps of the die-cutting process are as follows: unwinding - die cutting - scraping - winding or crosscutting. Unwinding the gas up the...  more
  • Kevin Shaw
    Die casting products commonly used materials are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, mold materials generally use H13 or SKD61 and so on. #die #casting #mould https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/die-casting-mould.html
  • Kevin Shaw
    Aluminum dies castings are all around us. Aluminum is the most common element used in die casting. #die #casting #supplier https://www.gmmoldtech.com/products/die-casting.html
  • dmncedm dmncedm
    ZNC Die Sinking EDM Machine

    #edm #die #sinker #machine

    ZNC electrical discharge machining machine is the traditional type with X and Y axis manual control, usually operator needs to manually move the working table to the location of where to do spark...  more
  • dmncedm dmncedm
    CNC EDM Sinker Machine C Structure A30, A45

    #cnc #die #sinker

    “C" structure CNC EDM machine A30 and A45 are equipped with a 5th generation electric discharging machining control system, which has excellent machining performance of both copper...  more
  • Betalent carbide offers carbide grades special for tube drawing dies and inner plug, all tube drawing dies, and plugs are customized according to drawings or samples. Order will be manufactured one by one, there is no standard size stock of tube drawing...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    Zinc is considered as the easiest metal to cast and has a lot of superior properties. KES is a leader in zinc die casting manufacturing, since its overall process is under a strict quality control system. KES has...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    KES has always been committed to producing high-quality zinc and aluminum alloy high pressure die-casting products, adhering to keeping pace with the times, reform, and innovation; at the same...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    Cold chamber die casting is extremely suitable for metals with high melting points such as aluminum. In this process, the metal is liquefied in an extremely high temperature furnace, and then sent into the cold room to be formed...  more
  • kesdiecasting
    KES is specialized in all aspects of aluminum die casting, from mold design and testing to the production, processing, and packaging of aluminum components, offering various solutions and high-quality...  more
  • Carbide die core blank(Heading die core, forging die core or other die core) is the raw material for carbide die factories to make finished heading die or forging die, ground carbide die core will be assembled into tool steel covers, to get a finished...  more
  • Magnesium Die Casting

    #magnesium #die #casting #suppliers

    Premium solutions for magnesium die casting is to increase productivity and efficiency, Premium provide custom magnesium casting parts for various industries including automotive, medical,...  more
  • LC Rapid is an expert of best injection molding companies in advanced technology when it comes to plastic injection mold manufacturing. With advanced technology, high quality plastic material, good quality control process, decades of manufacturing...  more
  • Steven Liu
    Machine Tools Used for die milling and mold milling Sealion Machine Tool provides all kinds of automatic universal heads and powerful motor spindles for multiple milling and drilling operations. Machines can do machining from raw blocks, machining in...  more
    Machine Tools Used for Die Milling and Mold Milling | Sealion
  • EMP Tech Co.,Ltd empcasting
    Aluminum die casting part can be used in wiper systems, engine systems, filter systems, air conditioning systems, precision compressor parts, shock absorption systems, braking systems, ABS systems, rearview mirror systems, power steering control systems,...  more
  • EMP Tech Co.,Ltd empcasting
    CNC MachiningCNC Machining
    CNC Machining is directly changing the size, shape, mutual position, surface roughness or properties of raw materials or semi-finished products to make them into finished products.

    Including: casting, welding, electroplating,...  more
  • EMP Tech Co.,Ltd empcasting
    1.Overview of Aluminum casting Radiator
    The radiator is a general term for a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. It is widely used in power electronics, communications, various power sources, defense, rolling stock, musical instruments,...  more
  • EMP Tech Co.,Ltd empcasting
    The die casting is include high pressure die casting(HPDC), low pressure die casting(LPDC), Squeeze casting,gravity(GDC), and EMP is specialized in high pressure die casting, which is most common used for automotive,telecommunication,industrial...  more
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