• JCMedia
    https://www.jcinkjet.com/products/canvas/ /> #banner #cloth #material
    Our canvas products can be used for decorative painting, oil painting display, painting exhibition, and art reproduction after printing. Our products have different printing...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    Brown Cloth Duct Tape
    https://www.ygtape.com/products/brown-cloth-duct-tape.html /> #brown #cloth #tape
    Feature: Frabic cloth as backing, coated with different adhesive (natural rubber or hot melt adhesive), good stereo feeling.

    Application: Widely used...  more
  • YGTAPE .com
    How to Select Cloth Duct Tape?
    https://www.ygtape.com/how-to-select-cloth-duct-tape.html /> #difference #between #duct #tape #and #cloth #tape
    Duct tape is based on a kind of easily torn cloth, which is coated with PE polyethylene film on the surface...  more
  • fujistar
    Abrasive Cloth
    https://www.fujistarabrasives.com/products/abrasive-cloth/ />
    #cloth #emery #paper

    You can get several sorts of abrasive cloth from Zibo Sankyo Fujistar. containing Zirconia Sanding Belts of various grains, silicon carbide abrasive cloth,...  more
  • Rotary Drum Filter Cloths
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/products/rotary-drum-filter-cloths/ /> #filter #press #cloth
    The rotary drum vacuum filter is a type of continuous filter that is commonly used in industrial processes for solid-liquid separation....  more
  • Filter Fabric Roll
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/products/filter-fabric-roll/ /> #filter #cloth #roll
    With polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (Nylon) and other yarns as raw materials, high-density and high-strength woven fabrics are...  more
  • Filter Fabric Roll
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/products/filter-fabric-roll/ /> #belt #filter #cloth
    With polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (Nylon) and other yarns as raw materials, high-density and high-strength woven fabrics are...  more
  • Filter Fabric for Food & Beverage
    https://www.bolianfiltration.com/filter-fabric-used-in-food-beverage-market/ /> #food #grade #filter #cloth
    To ensure consistant quality in food applications, Bolian has developed filtration solutions and manufacturing...  more
  • aokaiptfe aokaiptfe
    PTFE Kevlar Conveyor Belt
    https://www.aokai-ptfe.com/products/ptfe-kevlar-conveyor-belt/ /> #ptfe #cloth

    In the 1960s, DuPont developed a new type of arylene fiber composite ---- arylene fiber 1414, which was commercialized and registered as Kevlar in...  more
  • apscreens com
    Diamond Opening Self-cleaning Screen
    https://www.apscreens.com/products/diamond-opening-screen/ /> #vibrating #screen #cloth

    Anpeng Diamond shape self-cleaning is consist of crimped round wires bond togther by polyurethane bars creating the 'Square' or...  more
  • merrell com
    MP-C1 Chenille Mop Pad chooses spunlaced non-woven fabric mop material, more water absorption.The double-sided reusable chenille mop pads, with chenille on one side and coral fleece on the other, is still made of microfiber. Different appearance among...  more
  • merrell com
    There is no more effective and efficient way to clean hard ground than using Merrell microfiber mop pads. Gone are the days of dragging mop buckets, wringers, and bulky, inefficient traditional mops. Just bring enough clean microfiber pads for mop to...  more
  • sopurecare com
    Disposable Adult Inserts
    https://www.sopurecare.com/products/disposable-adult-inserts/ />
    #baby #cloth #diaper #manufacturers

    Sopure's disposable diaper inserts are designed to lock in moisture and give you peace of mind. You have independent maximum...  more
  • hopelightcn
    Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape is made of high-quality high-density alkali-free glass cloth, coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side or both sides. The thickness of the single-sided glass cloth adhesive tape is...  more
  • RFID Fabric Wristband #cloth #wristbands With the popularity of RFID cashless solutions, RFID fabric wristbands are becoming more and more popular in the market. The classic RFID fabric wristband is mainly made by 3 kinds of processes. ...  more
  • deli catedecor
    The advantages of cotton are lightness, softness, moisture absorption and air permeability. Our cotton fabric rolls wholesale can be used in different ribbon manufacturing processes and decorated with different patterns, which are very suitable for large...  more
  • purco tton
    Many people will get worried about the safety of hotel towels when travelling or on business trips. #compressed #face #cloth https://www.purcotton.net/oem-service/compress-multi-towel/
  • Morn Packaging Co.,ltd
    https://www.wovenpp.com/packaging/pp-woven-fabric/ /> As one of the leading PP woven fabric manufacturer in China, Mornpackaging is offering different levels of woven fabric both in rolls and sheets. PP woven fabric which is short of...  more
  • Wei Liu
    FFP1.FFP2.FFP3. Melt blown non woven fabrics are mainly used for manufacturing industrial dust-proof face masks, cup shape face masks, and other protective face masks. #ffp3 #cloth https://www.fysensi.com/products/ffp1-ffp2-ffp3-meltblown/
  • Wei Liu
    Active carbon non-woven fabric has good adsorption, thin thickness and good air permeability. #activated #carbon #cloth #manufacturers https://www.fysensi.com/products/active-carbon-non-woven-fabric/
  • rikenmt
    AX67 Abrasive ClothAX67-Abrasive-Cloth
    The backing of RMC & Riken abrasive cloth AX67 is X wet cloth, which is with good synchronous, ideal for making the abrasive belt, flap disc, quick-change disc and so on. It has a good effect on...  more
  • rikenmt
    AX45 Abrasive Cloth
    The backing of RMC & Riken abrasive cloth AX45 is X wet cloth, which is with good synchronous, ideal for making flap disc, grinding disc, flap disc with shaft and other special forms products. We have 3m abrasive...  more
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth 1805
    Our designs match with all different events. For the family day, it is a warm decoration for the table; for a wedding, it brings happiness; for hotel usage, it`s elegant and luxury.
    Normally packing as 10pieces in one...  more
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth 1801
    All table cloths are made from 100% plastic material. With fancy pattern and various available colors,Wantu PVC table cloths have widely usages in the home, garden, party, hotel, restaurant, wedding, and other events. Our...  more
  • WANTU PVC Table Cloth
    We are the leading manufacturer of PVC tablecloth in China, our tablecloth has the domestic leading PVC technology and most competitive price for whoever wants to buy table cover. If you want to know more about our PVC tablecloth,...  more
  • PTFE Coated Fabrics Introductions

    PTFE coated fabrics are made by fiberglass fabric impregnated with PTFE dispersion on one side or two sides, the material combines advantages of PTFE and main features of woven fiberglass fabric.

    Typical properties of...  more
  • Teflon fiberglass in thickness of 0.024” (0.60mm) is durable and constructed by thick woven fiberglass, then impregnated two sides with PTFE. Color is normally in white or beige. This PTFE fiberglass is commonly used as release sheet and made into PTFE...  more
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