• cstitanium
    Chemical Titanium
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    Titanium and titanium alloys are widely used in the chemical industry for various equipment and components due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high...  more
  • Dgchemtech
    Separation Equipment
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    Separation and purification equipment are integral to chemical, pharmaceutical and food production processes, and are used to separate...  more
  • reformchem
    Chemical Products Applications
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    The chemical industry is a broad and diverse sector that produces a vast array of products, from basic commodities such as fertilizers...  more
    TMQ is a very important category rubber antioxidant. It has a good protective effect for heat, oxygen and fatigue aging, and stronger inhibitory effect for metal catalytic oxidation, no spray cream phenomenon, widely used in the manufacture of tyres,...  more
  • tetra com
    TTA27 (dicyclopentadiene epoxide) is a typical cycloaliphatic epoxy resin. Its molecular structure is characterized by a close bicyclic structure between two epoxy groups and a stable methylene bridge across the six-membered ring. Therefore, the cured...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
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    Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
    Methyl methacrylate, whose chemical formula is C5H8O2 and chemical formula quantity is 100.12, is an organic compound,...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Acrylic Acid (AA)
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    Acrylic Acid (AA)
    Acrylic acid is an organic compound . HS code for Acrylic Acid is 2916110000. It is the simplest unsaturated carboxylic acid, consisting of a...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
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    Established in 2006, Shanghai Douwin Chemical is your trustworthy partner. DOUWIN can ensure competitive prices and high...  more
  • sdfr chem
    As the application of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC China chemical) continues to expand, the preparation methods of CMC China chemical are also constantly studied, which is an important part of the chemical industry in China. #cmc #china #chemical ...  more
  • CarlQian CarlQian
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    It is an important to fine chemical product and intermediate for organic synthesis, with wide use in pharmaceutical, aromatizer, pesticide, electroplating, and liquid crystal industries. In the...  more
  • CarlQian CarlQian
    OC Liquid
    #industrial #chemical #supplies
    Capsicum oleoresin liquid, obtained by solvent extraction of capsicum (raw material) (capsicum).

    Specification of OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Liquid

    Product : OC-water-soluble
    Major Capsaicinoids...  more
  • CarlQian CarlQian
    Magnesium Powder
    #chemical #enterprise
    Elemental magnesium powder is flammable and explosive, producing high temperature; When it burns, it glows white. Therefore, magnesium powder is widely used in the military industry, aerospace and other fields. And...  more
  • CarlQian CarlQian
    Lead (II) Nitrate
    #specialty #chemical #distributors
    Chemical formula for lead 2 nitrate is mainly used to make matches and more special explosives.

    Such as mordant, etc. and lead azide in pigments (a.o., lead paint)

    This product can also be used for...  more
  • CarlQian CarlQian
    #chemical #raw #material #suppliers
    Dayu Chemical, our company is one of the professional suppliers of dry chemical powder price in China, supplying dozens of chemical raw materials (such as aluminum powder, strontium nitrate,...  more
  • goodseller home
    Anti-Fog wide-vision safety goggle can be applied to classroom lab, home, and workplace safety for preventing flying debris, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes.

    Adjustable head belt with elastic design to facilitate the fastening of the head...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Acrylamide (AM)
    #chemical #compound
    Acrylamide is a colorless transparent sheet crystal, odorless, toxic. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in benzene, toluene. HS code for Acrylamide is 2924199040. It is easy to sublimate and...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Applications
    #chemical #compound
    Coating(MMA Application)
    The coating is coated in the surface of the object being protected or decorated and can form a firm adhesion of continuous film with the coated object.

    Polymethyl...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Acrylamide (AM) A
    #chemical #compound
    Oilfield Auxiliary Chemical
    Oil field auxiliaries are fine chemical products, widely used in oil field exploration and development, exploitation and transportation of oil and gas, and other...  more
  • douwinchem douwinchem
    Acrylic Acid (AA) Applications
    #chemical #compound
    Thickener, also known as a gelling agent, is a material that can increase latex and liquid viscosity.

    Water Reducing Agents
    The water-reducing agent is a kind of concrete admixture that can...  more
  • earthrodchina
    Chemical Ground Electrode #chemical #earth #rod Chemical Ground Electrode System
    Performance characteristics and working principle of chemical grounding system:
    1. Chemical ground electrode
    2. Existing soil
    3. Special filler
    4. Ions diffuse around
    5....  more
  • htfinechem
    Peroxide Killer RS

    #textile #chemical #industry

    High-enriched hydrogen peroxide elastic enzyme can remove the hydrogen which stay in fabrics after bleaching effectively .Also can save water, energy and time as same as environment protection.

    [Main...  more
    ·Use at: -40~130℃
    ·Excellent insulating performance.
    ·Good weatherability, temperature tolerance, resistant to water, chemical corrosion and aging.
    ·Superior Dielectric properties
    ·High volume resistivity including humid...  more
  • Dipentaerythritol (DPE)

    #dpe #chemical

    CAS NO.: 126-58-9
    Melting point: 215-218 °C (lit.)
    Boiling point: 356°C
    Density: 1.36 g/cm3 (20°C)

    Introduction to DPE chemical
    Dipentaerythritol (DPE) is a white octagonal powder crystal and an important...  more
    DPE Chemical, Dipentaerythritol Solvent Products Supplier/Manufa
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