• cameramanufacturer
    Cloud Wifi Camera
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/cloud-wifi-camera.html />
    #wifi #cctv #camera #with #cloud #storage

    Cloud storage wifi camera stand at the forefront of modern home security solutions, seamlessly integrating advanced...  more
  • cameramanufacturer
    Car Surround View Camera
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/car-surround-view-camera/ />
    #360 #automotive #video #camera #system

    The in-car surround view 360 automotive video camera system, often referred to as a 360-degree camera system,...  more
  • Camera Solution
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/camera-solution.html />
    #smart #camera #solutions

    With unwavering expertise, we specialize in tailoring camera solutions to your precise needs. Our adept team crafts bespoke hardware...  more
  • cameramanufacturer
    Camera Lens
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/camera-lens/ />
    #fish #eye #camera #lens

    To make a perfect whole camera, Lens is one of the most important materials except for the sensor, PCB, connector. A good lens can make the photos taken by...  more
  • cameramanufacturer
    Battery Operated WiFi Camera
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/battery-operated-wifi-camera.html />
    #battery #operated #wifi #security #camera

    Battery powered long range wireless security camera exemplify the fusion of convenience and...  more
  • cameramanufacturer
    Automotive Infrared Camera
    https://www.cameramanufacturer.com/products/automotive-infrared-camera/ />
    #infrared #car #camera

    The 4K automotive infrared LED camera is a specialized camera designed for use in vehicles that captures high-resolution images...  more
  • MobIR 2T

    MobIR 2 series is a new generation of infrared thermal imager for smartphone launched by Guide sensmart. Built-in the world's first autofocus WLP infrared module, with higher resolution and performance comparable to professional thermal imaging...  more
  • T120H

    Fever Screening Thermal Camera

    T120H temperature screening thermal camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5℃. It is an economical and practical...  more
  • PLUG417

    Uncooled Thermal Modules (Imaging Only)

    GUIDE metal package infrared detector + professional hardware platform + unique image processing algorithm = PLUG Series Uncooled infrared camera module. High performance IR detector captures more...  more
  • COIN417/R

    WLP+ASIC Uncooled Thermal Modules

    COIN series uncooled thermal module integrates the wafer-level package detector produced by GST, ASIC chip for imaging processing, micro-motion electromagnetic threshold shutter and general optical interface....  more
  • akasotech
    AKASO Waterproof Case #action #camera #housing Waterproof Case Underwater Housing for AKASO Action Camera.
    ● Delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water.
    ● Waterproof up to 30m-40m.
    ● Adopted high light transmittance...  more
  • akasotech
    AKASO V50 X Action Camera #camera #waterproof #30m
    Does this action camera have a setting to delay a picture?
    Yes, this action camera has a setting to delay a picture. https://www.akasotech.com/product/v50x
  • akasotech
    AKASO V50 Pro SE Action Camera #action #camera #with #microphone #input The touch screen does not work inside the waterproof case. You can control this action camera with buttons underwater. https://www.akasotech.com/product/v50-pro-se
  • akasotech
    AKASO Brave 8 Action Camera #4k60fps #action #camera But you need to use either a complete set of Brave 7 accessories or a complete set of Brave 8 accessories. You can’t mix Brave 7 and Brave 8 accessories because of the different bolt connections....  more
  • akasotech
    AKASO Brave 7 Action Camera #action #camera #with #microphone Brave 7 supports different video resolutions, 4k/2.7k/2k/1080, among which 4k is the highest resolution, and different resolutions can be selected according to scene shooting and display...  more
  • akasotech
    EK7000 Pro #sharp #4k #camera I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who is first starting to dabble in action cameras. https://www.akasotech.com/ek7000-pro
  • eyecooltech
    Dual-Camera Intelligent Face Tracking and Recognition Device ECF111
    https://www.eyecooltech.com/products/dual-camera-intelligent-face-tracking-and-recognition-device-ecf111/ /> #dual #camera #face #recognition
    Precise and Convenient
    Accurate face detection...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C300T120-L5
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c300t120-l5.html /> #marine #thermal #camera

    Suitable for targeting, search and rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence gathering, security,...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance System TAG640-C129T25-L3Ⅰ
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system-tag640-c129t25-l3-1.html /> #ir #camera #module

    Suitable for reconnaissance, targeting, search &rescue, anti-smuggling, evidence collection,...  more
  • Airborne Surveillance Cameras System
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/airborne-surveillance-system/ />
    #long #range #thermal #imaging #camera

    Airborne surveillance camera system in electro optic systems refers to the use of aircraft or unmanned aerial...  more
  • Everay Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera Devices & Electro Optic Products
    https://www.everaytech.com/products/ />
    #thermal #imaging #camera #price

    Advanced thermal imaging camera devices & electro optic thermal scanning electrical systems are high-tech...  more
  • autelrobotics com
    Unrivaled Accuracy And Control

    #rtk #camera

    Centimeter-Level Positioning
    The EVO II RTK Series V3 introduces a brand-new RTK module, which provides real-time centimeter-level positioning data, and supports Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK). The aircraft...  more
    Cube Cameras
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/cube-cameras/ />
    #hik #cube #camera

    Specifications of Cube Cameras

    Product Model

    Thermal Module

    Image Sensor
    Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane...  more
    B Series
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/b-series-handheld-thermal-imager/ />
    #handheld #thermal #imaging #camera

    High Image Quality
    A highly sensitive VOx detector (NETD < 40 mK) provides a distinct thermal vision of the...  more
    Box Cameras
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/box-camera/ />
    #HIKMICRO #Box #Camera

    Specifications of HIKMICRO Box Camera
    Product Model

    Image Sensor
    Vanadium...  more
    Autofocus Box Cameras
    https://www.hikmicrotech.com/en/industrial-products/autofocus-box-cameras/ />
    #autofocus #industrial #camera

    Specifications of Autofocus Box Cameras

    Product Model

    Image Sensor
    Vanadium Oxide...  more
  • hytera
    Tetra iBS Integrated Base Station #lte #body #worn #camera The TETRA integrated Base Station (iBS) is a base station suitable for outdoor and indoor operation. Thanks to its small size and lightweight, the TETRA iBS is easily transported, flexibly...  more
  • hytera
    Hytera Body Worn Camera #4g #body #camera Hytera has developed a series of body worn cameras, from traditional types to models with 4G/LTE capability, and launched a comprehensive solution including the body worn camera, docking station and digital...  more
  • hytera
    One-box Base Station Products #wifi #body #camera Hytera's small base station product has an integrated design with small size and easy installation, which can greatly reduce the customer's CAPEX and OPEX. The portfolio is divided into two categories...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    CT256 Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement

    CT256 Thermal Camera With Temperature Measurement
    CT256 Thermal Camera Temperature Measurement
    CT256 Thermal Camera To Check Body Temperature
    CT Biological Temperature Measurement Module is mainly used to...  more
  • InfiRay InfiRay
    Clip T Clip-on Durable Camera for Outdoors Thermal

    Clip T Thermal Imaging Attachment empower daylight scopes with more options and functions. Clip T can easily accommodate your needs of night vision and hunting whether as an individual thermal scope or...  more
  • Canrill Optics
    Merits and Limitations of Industrial Machine Vision Technology in Manufacturing
    https://www.canrilloptics.com/the-limitations-of-machine-vision-technology-in-industrial-manufacturing.html /> #camera #lens #makers
    Industrial machine vision is the most...  more
  • Sunny Inside
    Large View Angle, large View Automatic Parking Is No Longer A Dream
    Surround-view system expands the field of view on the basis of the rearview lens and present a complete car body environment in a 360-degree view by a combination of multiple lenses....  more
  • Sunny Inside
    Parking Is More Convenient, Driving Is More Safer And More Comfortable
    The Rearview lens is mainly used for parking assistance applications. The rearview lens can restore the real reversing scene and help the driver to see the blind spot behind the...  more
  • Sunny Inside
    Sunny Automotive is the global pioneer in automotive in-cabin lens field and the first batch of interior view lens was in mass production in 2014. Sunny Automotive provides a comprehensive selection for interior lens solutions to perfectly match the...  more
  • hollyland com
    Innovative audio solutions for wireless audio recording and real-time team communication

    Wireless Microphone
    Hollyland's wireless audio recording solutions ensure reliable transmission performance that delivers a hands-free smooth audio recording...  more
  • hxtechnology
    Security Product

    #ip #camera #module #PCBboard
    After every single detail of the electronic device has been finished for the design and engineering, we will prepare for production. The needed electronic components will be purchased from our reliable...  more
  • jinshan group
    Capsule Endoscopy

    Jinshan is committed to providing the highest quality in gastroenterology care with the most up-to-date care through the relentless pursuit of the latest GI technologies.

    Smart software with cutting-edge imaging performance...  more
  • Xingwu Lu
    S11 4G Smart HD Camera & Video Watch
    4G Smart HD Camera & Video Watch
    HD Video Call, Seeing Your Love

    S11 4G Smart HD Camera & Video Watch 4G Video Call
    4G Video Call
    S11 4G Smart HD Camera & Video Watch Multiple Positioning Modes
    Multiple...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Blurams Outdoor Pro Camera - A21C

    Compact outdoor cam with SONY lens offers 142° ultra-wide viewing angle.

    Hurry Up! Limited 40% Off Now, Code:A21C40
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
    18-Month Warranty
    Starlight...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Blurams Guard
    Guard everything that you care everyday

    Blurams Secure Subscription Plans
    Pro/Lite Series
    Wire-Free Series
    7-Days Plan
    1 month
    7-Day Continuous Recording
    1h Clip Storage
    Rich Notification
    Facial Recognition ①
    Save and...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Outdoor Camera

    Blurams Outdoor Pro Camera - A21C
    Compact outdoor cam with SONY lens offers 142° ultra-wide viewing angle.

    Hurry Up! Limited 40% Off Now, Code:A21C40
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
    18-Month Warranty
    #ai #outdoor #security #camera
    ...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Living Room Security Cameras
    Blurams PTZ Dome Security Camera 2K - A31

    360° rotational design, most popular indoor choice.
    Get 20% off only for super month: blurams20
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
    18-Month Warranty
    #living #room #camera
    ...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Indoor Cameras

    Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C

    Mini-bodied cam, offer the most flexible security ways.

    Get 20% off for Super Month: blurams20
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
    18-Month Warranty
    #smart #indoor #camera
    ...  more
  • Blurams 12
    For Pet Security Cameras
    Blurams PTZ Dome Security Camera 2K - A31
    360° rotational design, most popular indoor choice.

    Get 20% off only for super month: blurams20
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
    18-Month Warranty
    #camera #for #cats #at #home
    ...  more
  • Blurams 12
    Backyard Security Cameras
    Blurams Dual-Lens PTZ Outdoor Camera 3MP - S21C
    9 reviews
    First-class cam to guard your house without sight limits.

    Get 20% off only for super month: blurams20
    Free lifetime 24-hour cloud...  more
  • tesoooptical
    6mm Lens Field Of View #6mm #camera #lens Tesoo 6mm lens not only extends the focal length of a camera but also amplifies its angle of field. The sensor size of the 6mm CCTV lens is 1/1.7'' to 1/3''. TTL: 15.69- 22.5mm. EFL: 5.60-6mm. F.NO:...  more
  • gonsin
    GONSIN Automatic Camera Tracking System can automatically track the speaker by the camera, and comprise of HD video tracking matrix, HD video conference camera and HD video signal switcher, to realize fluent and clear camera tracking image. The system...  more
  • hxtechnology
    Environmental Protection Equipment
    https://www.hx-technology.com/pcba-environmental-protection-equipment/ />
    #ip #camera #module #PCBboard

    Nowadays, environmental protection has become more and more popular. The products provided by HX technology could...  more
  • zillion techs
    SWIR Cameras and Accessories in Semiconductor Inspection

    #swir #line #scan #camera

    In the semiconductor inspection equipment, SWIR cameras can be used to inspect the quality of pure semiconductor material (usually silicon) after ingot growth....  more