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    Natural Eco-friendly Disposable Bowls
    https://www.greenweimo.com/products/natural-eco-friendly-sustainable-round-bowl/ />
    #sustainable #plates #and #bowls

    In China, bowl is a very important tableware. GREENWEIMO eco friendly soup bowls with lids can...  more
  • michael dark
    Buy the best Green 21cm Bulb Bowls, 5 per pack. made of durable, flexible plastic. appealing details. Size of 9 x 21 cm, with a minimum sale of 5 bowls. Plastic Bulb Bowl - Green 21cm (5 Bowls) is available at a very reasonable price in the UK. Buy now: ...  more
  • easyngreen com
    https://www.easyngreen.com/products/biodegradable-round-bowl/ /> #biodegradable #oval #bowls
    China disposable round bowls are a hot sales series of food packaging containers. Have variety of size include 16oz, 24oz, 32oz, 48oz. It is...  more
  • easyngreen com
    https://www.easyngreen.com/products/biodegradable-plastic-bowls/ /> #biodegradable #plastic #bowls
    High-Quality microwavable disposable bowls with lids of EASY GREEN for hot food Takeaway, disposable round soup bowls PP with lids, use for...  more
  • Biodegradable food, including bowls soup cups, are made from compostable sugarcane materials. Therefore, This kind of biodegradable bowls and plates is eco-friendly. Biodegradable food bowls are great for serving rice, soups, pasta, fruits and etc.,...  more
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