• Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading BIM outsourcing company in the United States. With the construction industry transitioning from traditional design and drawing methods to advanced 3D BIM modeling, BIM modeling services have become a vital...  more
  • Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC, a prominent engineering consultant with over 13 years of extensive expertise, offers comprehensive BIM structural services. We assist you in realizing your project with much innovation and give expedient structural...  more
  • Structural Engineering Services:- Structural engineering is the predominant engineering domain and the building block of construction projects. It deals with the framework of the building and requires accurate crafting. For a successful erection of a...  more
  • REVIT Electrical Engineering:- With the recent technological advancement in CAD software, designing electrical systems and components has become more precise and hassle-free. Through REVIT electrical design process becomes more and more streamlined....  more
  • REVIT BIM Modeling Services:- Building Information Modeling Services helps develop a streamlined workflow experience. BIM models facilitate the construction process through its varied phases. It promotes collaboration between the stakeholders and unlocks...  more
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