• eleheat guan
    We have 5V, 7.4V and 12V vests available. They are all powered by batteries. The heated vest heats the core areas of the body such as the back, abdomen and waist to keep the body warm.

    EH-V-001 12V Green Heated Down Vest For Men
    Material:...  more
  • eleheat guan
    Heated Thepary Pant
    Material: Cotton;

    Battery: 3400mAh /12-volt Lithium-Polymer battery;

    Heating Areas: Waist, knees;

    LED Controller with 3 Heating Settings: High, medium, low;

    Size: S / M / L / XL;

    Customization: Material, color, size, voltage,...  more
  • Samgabril
    Winter Athletes' Health Benefits Of #Battery #Heated #Clothing

    Anyone who does not like a hot cup of cocoa or a cosy fire on a chilly winter's day is missing out. When the temperature goes below a comfortable level, our natural inclination is to seek...  more
  • Samgabril
    Is The #Heated #Seat #Cushion #Outdoor Utility A Hype- Let's Find The Truth

    In winter, traveling for long hours in a car may make a shiver run down your body. Although heating the car with a car heater is the option, your back needs more. Here is a...  more
  • Samgabril
    #Heated #Clothing For Hunting- An Ideal Gift For Hunting Enthusiasts

    The perfect present can make someone's day, or it can mend wrongdoing or remind someone that you care and that they are loved. When choosing a gift for someone, one must consider what...  more
  • Samgabril
    Top Trends For Winter Are Incomplete Without #Battery #Heated #Clothing Range.

    Are you all set to welcome the winter season? If you are yet to shop for the winter season, we want you to look at these top picks from various brands. Of course, you can buy...  more
  • Samgabril
    Plan A Trip To Iceland - Don’t Miss On These #Heated #Clothing Variety Ever

    Chill and be seated in your heated seat cushion, literally. Crystal-clear ice-cold water and snow-clad mountains sound aesthetic, but the refreshing and cutting chills make...  more
  • Samgabril
    Are #the #heated #apparels worth the investment?

    Owing to this, having the best heated apparel units is a must. These come with customized heat controllers which is why you can alter the temperature as per your comfort level. Besides, they are...  more
  • Samgabril
    Complete Your Winter Merriment With The #Best #Heated #Apparel And Gears Collection

    Hunting can be enjoyable, but freezing winter can pose a lot of hassles like freezing hands (both a painful and scary scenario). If you are going on a hunt, make sure...  more
  • Samgabril
    Are You Living In Frigid Zones! These Are Your Best Companions

    Start with your feet, the first contact with the snow. Buy boot heaters and heated socks for hunting. With the extreme cold out there, double protection is necessary. And of course, #heated...  more
  • Samgabril
    #Heated #Apparels: Smarter Way To Tackle Winter Chills

    Heated apparels are a line of sleek, light-weight winter wear that is lined with batteries and heat plates to provide a better, warmer, and more comfortable winter experience. Heated clothing range...  more
  • Samgabril
    Try #Battery #Heated #Clothing For A Better Hunting Experience

    Most animals come out on their feet during the coldest time of the day. Also, there would be fewer people on the mountain due to the freezy temperature. The other hunters might be sitting at...  more
  • Samgabril
    Get Comfortable With These #Heated #Apparels And Make Your #Winter Work-Life More Exciting!

    It's awful to be cold, especially when you've been planning a trip for months and have to cancel it because someone is freezing. Or, Consider the feelings you...  more
  • Samgabril
    Brief About #Battery #Heated #Clothing Utility For #Hunting And Fishing

    A heating element is woven into the garment in areas where you lose the most heat, usually powered by a rechargeable battery. As a result, you'll be able to stay warm even on the...  more
  • Samgabril
    Continue Hunting In Cold Weather - Invest In Quality #Heated #Clothing #For #Hunting

    If you are hunting in the winter months, your body, hands, and feet can get cold. Your hunting might get disturbed because of the climatic conditions. The hunter needs...  more
  • Samgabril
    Unburden Yourself From The Clothing Layers With #Battery #Heated #Clothes!

    Come Winters, and you start preparing to cover yourself with layers of clothing. The chill makes engaging in outdoor activities often impossible, and fashion goes out of the...  more
  • Bit CCTV
    BIT CCTV’s camera housing enclosure products with different sizes from 12” to 29” are designed for small to large size CCTV camera installation. Made of aluminum alloy and equipped with heater, blower fan, wiper and sunshield, our camera enclosures...  more
  • Samgabril
    Add Fun To Winters With #Battery #Powered #Heated #Vest, Heated Socks And More

    Keeping warm is quite challenging when the temperature drops. People have learned that piling on more layers is not always the best solution, especially when you drive a...  more
  • Tony Kindness
    #Heated #Clothing for Hiking & Snow #Outdoor #Activity

    Few people do not like winters because of the harsh cold, but everyone enjoys this season other than cold. It brings mouth-watering food and sleep. But it is imperative to protect yourself during...  more
  • Tony Kindness
    How to be Prepared for Outdoors in Winters: Get #Battery #Heated #Gloves and more.

    We will help you prepare for the winters properly. So to stay warm, you need to start with layering warm clothes. Begin by laying down an insulated base layer. Then layer...  more
  • Tony Kindness
    A Closer Inspection of Heated Clothing for its Functionality, Safety and Benefits
    #Heated #clothing, as the name suggests, is made up of tiny wires. When a modest electric charge is put across these wires, they heat up. These clothes are meant to keep...  more
    A Closer Inspection of Heated Clothing for its Functionality, Sa
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