• H Beam Shot Blasting Machine With 6 Blasting Turbines

    H beams shot blasting machine plays an important role in removing all forms of rust and corrosion materials from h beams prior to painting or coating. In the blasting process, the conveyor system of...  more
  • Sandblasting room in Russia

    The sand blast room is designed according to customers' workpiece size and requirements. The sandblasting room size10×4×4m, mainly blast cleaning construction machinery components. Observing windows are put on the front...  more

    Roller conveyor shot blasting machine or roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is the most environment-friendly and the most effective process to remove all forms of rust and corrosion materials from steel...  more
  • When the Shot blasting machine cleans up and strengthens the workpiece, there are usually two ways, that is shot blasting and Grit Blasting, shot blasting is using shot blaster throws at high speed, using the principle of centrifugal force, while Grit...  more
  • The world's first shot blasting machine was born in the United States. The shot blasting machine refers to the casting equipment that uses the high-speed abrasive thrown by the blast turbines to clean or strengthen the surface of the casting. #What...  more
  • Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

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    Tunnel type shot blasting machine is a non-standard shot blasting machine that is according to workpieces information to design. The tunnel type shot blasting machine is mainly...  more
  • Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Machine

    #tumble #belt #shot #blasting #machine

    Tumble belt shot blasting machine or crawler shot blasting machine is the most universal among all shot blasters as their design makes them suitable for processing parts of...  more
  • Trolley Shot Blasting Machine

    #trolley #type #shot #blasting #machine

    Shot blasting parts of different forms and dimensions, castings, forgings, pressed parts, parts and parts from fragile materials, cleaning of the surface, removing of casting sand...  more
  • Transportable Container Blast Room

    #portable #shot #blasting #machine

    The movable sandblasting room or portable sandblasting room, abrasive recovery system, dust collector, sandblasting machine together, it can be transported to the site by flatbed...  more
  • Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine

    #industrial #shot #blasting #equipment

    Steel  shot blasting machine is the most environment-friendly option for corrosion removal and surface preparation on a steel structure. Steel shot blasting equipment is...  more
  • Steel Profile Shot Blasting Machine

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    Steel Profile shot blasting machine is the most efficient and the most effective process to remove all forms of rust and corrosion materials fromsteel profile prior to painting or...  more
  • Steel Plate Shot Blasting Machine

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    Steel plate shot blasting machine is one kind of roller conveyor shot blasting machines. It can remove all rust, corrosion and mill scale from steel plate and provides ideal surface finish (SA2.5)...  more
  • Spare Parts

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    KT series high performance turbines have shot blasting machine spare parts including blasting wheels provided with eight throwing blades locked into the wheel double-disc. The double-disc wheel offers the...  more
  • What is a shot blasting machine

    #Shot #blasting #equipment

    Shot blasting machine is a surface treatment equipment that removes rust and oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece. Making use of high-speed rotating impellers (blast turbines) under the...  more
  • Tracy Lu
    Brown Aluminum Oxide #aluminum #oxide #blasting #abrasive Brown fused alumina oxide(BFA), local name, also known as carborundum,is brown artificial corundum which are melting in arc furnace from three material alumina, carbon materials, and scrap...  more
  • Pavers Shot Blasting MachinePavers shot blasting machine is special equipment for pavers roughing which is dedicated designed by our company for the pavers processing industry. It is mainly used to increase the friction coefficient of the surface of the...  more
    Pavers Shot Blasting Machine, Marble/Stone Shot Blasting Machine
  • Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine Q38, Q48, Q58 series catenary stepping shot blasting machine are used to remove castings, forgings, structural parts such as the workpiece surface sand, scale, rust and so on. The surface of the workpiece appears...  more
    Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer/Supplier - BH B
  • Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Hook type shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning the foundry part, construction, chemical engineering, machine tools and many other industries of large, medium-size castings and forgings surface cleaning. The hook...  more
    Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer
  • H Beam Shot Blasting Machine This series belongs to roller shot blasting machine, mainly used for buildings, bridges and other industries with large I-beam, H-beam steel structure such as size pieces of high stress and the elimination of cleaning the...  more
    H Beam Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer/Supplier - BH Blasting
  • Floor Shot Blaster The Floor shot blasting machine for sale is the shot blasting machine that ejects the shot material (steel shot or sand) at a high speed and a certain angle onto the working surface through a mechanical method.

    The shot material fully...  more
    Floor Shot Blaster For Sale, Concrete Floor Shot Blasting Equipm
  • Dust Collector Shot blasting of casts, forged and pressed parts, remodeled cold or hot, of various complicated forms, springs, etc. (load capacities ranging up to Shot blasting of casts, forged and pressed part, remodeled cold or hot, of various...  more
    Dust Collector For Shot Blasting
  • Shot BlastingBH offers various industrial abrasive blasting equipment and parts to customers from all over the world. More than 2000 active customers domestic and abroad prove the ability of shot blasting to deliver the right solution.
    Shot Blasting...  more
    Abrasive Blasting Products: Shot Blasting Machine, Shot Blasting
    When factory space is at a premium or a temporary site is to be utilized our blasting containers provide an instant and economical solution. Container blasting rooms are based upon standard shipping container sizes which reduce...  more
    The Barrel Blast Machine line provides outstanding performance and reliability. Designed for foundry, forge and heat treat requirements.

    The Barrel Blast Machine or drum type shot blasting machine is the ideal solution...  more
    The working principle for anchor chain shot-blasting machine is mainly by numerous high speed abrasive flow projection to the anchor chain surface, which blast cleaning the oxides and Surface attachment from the anchor...  more
    Air blasting room or Air blasting cabinet with pneumatic media reclaim system – An economical alternative, vacuum reclaim systems utilize cyclone separators to recover usable media to the blast machine, while dust and broken-down media...  more
  • Overhead rail shot blasting machine allows the workpieces to move with constant speed through the machine. The conveyor consists of a chain and trolley system suspended from a monorail, and can be driven at a constant speed or can be indexed.

    A special...  more
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