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Business 113 views Jun 27, 2017
Wardly did not want to NBA Live Coins

He had worked hard to secure a nice contract, but it was never honored. This is obviously an extreme example, but it actually happens.Before signing contracts, I'm sure that most players and agents do their homework on teams to find out about their reputations and financial situations, but jobs overseas are hard to get, so sometimes, you just have to go for it.I know, because watching wrestling and eating ice cream were the direct results of a chance I took.


I had an opportunity to play for a well-known organization with a history of money problems, but it was a great playing situation for me, so I rolled the dice.As I've clearly shown, when it comes to getting paid appropriately, I came up snake eyes.I can't say that my team outwardly did not want to NBA Live Coins pay us, it was more that they physically did not have the money to do so. I'm not exactly sure why this type of thing happens so much overseas,


but I think it's because many teams get the Cheap NBA 2K18 MT majority of their money from corporate sponsorships.If a team signs players to contracts before securing these partnerships, they run into a real problem if they can't actually attract the sponsorship dollars that they were banking on.In the case of my team, it looked like that was what had happened. When I tell people that my teammates and I didn't get paid for so long, their first question is usually if I need a loan.


Then, they ask a few other questions: why did you stay there?Why didn't you just leave?If everyone's contracts had provisions saying they could go somewhere else if payments were late, why didn't we do it?The simple answer to all these questions is that, in Europe, leaving is not as easy as it sounds.Not many teams want to make big moves in terms of acquiring new players late in the season, and not many players want to disrupt an established playing situation by moving somewhere to