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Business 214 views Jul 30, 2015
The high level of appearance, the street edge tool Glory bracel

   Glory bracelet zero contracted fashion all steel forging: not long ago the end of the glory "Go brave" 2015 annual new product release, huawei launched a new intelligent wear bracelets zero products - glory. Let a person shine at the moment is that glory bracelet zero change before huawei one hand ring rectangular style, usingmeizu m2 the simple circular design. No entity keys all steel forging body and medical level of environmental protection material wristband shows that smart apparel products minimalist design philosophy, while rounded appearance also seems to be more in line with the Oriental aesthetic characteristics. So, contracted design would be convenient to use? I hope today for this bracelet trial experience for you with a full range of interpretation.
    Glory bracelet zero adopted 1.06 inches of white light can be touching the screen, with stainless steel forging dial. Classic, classic black and white summer khaki three optional wristbands can adapter business, sports and people, respectively, the author got the version is a classic black wristband collocation. If you are not with thebuy meizu mx5 "aesthetic" obsessive compulsive disorder, you absolutely can't understand I opened the box at first glance to see glory hand ring dial zero circular design comfortable feeling in my heart. Classic black wristbands with steel primary metal dial style is unified, the rotation of the dial is clearly visible on the wiredrawing grain under the lights set off flashing metallic luster.
    Glory and huawei B2 bracelet, hand ring zero adopts integral design is integrated. If huawei B2 can complete bracelet features of both functions at the same time, then glory bracelets zero as a "duty" bracelet, function more fully. Glory bracelet zero wristbands of anti-allergic material used to the touch and feel similar medical rubber, finger across wristbands can feel obvious positive AoTuGan, according to official glory hand ring zero 3 d diamond wrist strap texture design feeling comes from the water ripples. From a practical point of view, the diamond texture more "appearance level" as well as increase the friction and wear in the process of preventing hand accidentally dropped.
    Glory bracelet zero carrying the OLED light touch screen, closed condition LCD screen and circular dial one integrated mass, only under the lights transform perspective view will faint disc was found in themeizu mx5 center of the square display. The LCD screen resolution is 128 x128 pixels, display Numbers can see obvious pixels, design of circular arc edge can also be seen more clearly saw, but you can rest assured that these conditions for daily use effect is very small.