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Business 187 views Jul 20, 2015
Compared with lately launched by the Z sequence, to keep who

   The beginning of My sequence based on Nubia desire of technological innovation and overall look, is a development of the attractiveness of the product to the product of beauty. My Prague is not just a everyday popular cell mobile phones, is also the Nubia of beauty desire,meizu mx5 the desire of flavor style. My Prague implemented in overall look is spicey, fashion, light and portable style, the fuselage organised a feeling is very good.
   Although not Z sequence style without boundaries, but My boundary of Prague's fuselage is filter. The cup on the advantage of the fuselage can see 2.5 D spicey effect of arc, and the boundary the conversion sleek and relaxed. 5.2 -inch show can be seen above the 8 thousand p front-facing digicam, the recipient,meizu-mx5 and receptors. Perhaps to let one's whole body seems to be experienced completely shaped, Nubia receptors on the recipient is straight above it in the position. And at the end of the HOME key is still the famous little red group, the come back key and choice important factors used on both ends of the invisible style.
   Compared with lately launched by the Z sequence, to keep whole body slim, My implemented 2200 mah battery power, Prague and the width of the fuselage is only 6 mm, weight is only 135 g. Can see the whole fuselage is no better than at the top of the 3.5 mm earphone Kong Hou too much, and data customer interface is situated at the end of the fuselage.   My Prague is not a lay particular stress on the efficiency of the cell phone, with powerful terms, in the humanities and the efficiency of the junction, the latter is not the only choice. Smart phone needs not just to the cold technological innovation, also need to contain more loving lifestyle, the heat range and shifted for the customer. 

Tags: #the Z sequence