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Spirituality 2,444 views Nov 24, 2011
5 ways to get more inspiration

It’s 4am in the morning as I’m writing this. I can’t sleep. I lost my appetite. And I haven’t seen daylight, civilization, or fresh air in 72 hours. Am I depressed? No! Am I sick? Not physically. My head is spinning like a washer machine, looking for a drop of inspiration.


The trick is unplugging the washer machine, and keeping it from spinning so that I can begin to see straight. After several mini meditative sessions I began to notice a few things that have been blocking my creativity and inspiration. 


     1. Mental clutter: When unresolved personal issues infiltrate the mind, higher level mental functions like creativity become hostage.


Solution: Find a resolution to your problems. Keep your physical and internal environments organized.



     2. Anxiety and stress is poison: There have been scientific studies that prove that people under significant stress will suffer a momentary decrease in intelligence (IQ) which will contribute to poor performance, as well as decreased inspiration.


Solution: Perhaps a punching bag (or enemy if necessary). Maybe even dance, run or lift weights. For many, physical activity is the fastest ways to reducing stress. Also, consider a vitamin B complex with all the different B vitamins in one pill. This will help on a neurological level.



     3.Real food vs. fake food: You are what you eat? Yes. Put crap in your body, and crap will be the product produced by your weakened creativity.


Solution: If you want to boost inspiration, understand that the mind uses a chemical called glucose as energy. And because inspiration requires a lot of thoughts, and thoughts require a lot of energy, you should seek to fuel your mind with complex carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, and 100% whole-wheat bread/pasta for optimal mental energy.



     4. Sleep. Rest. Breaks and Balance: Overwork a muscle, and you run the risk of tearing a ligament. The same is true with the mind. Except you run the risk of a burnout. It’s true that inspiration sometimes pours, and you feel that you have to stay awake for 4 days straight to utilize it before the inevitable drought dries up all the good ideas. Don’t


Solution: Balance will prevent you from lacking in other areas of your life that can create bigger problems caused by neglect. No matter how much you enjoy something, if you do nothing but that thing, it will decrease in value and become obnoxious. It’s like, if your favorite food is chicken, and all you eat is chicken everyday for every meal, you will miss out on other nutrients from other food groups. This will eventually make you sick. This is also the same with inspiration. In order to keep a full cup of inspiration, you must have a variety of experiences, with periods of rest and relaxation. Never neglect other aspects of your life because you think your inspiration will eventually run out permanently. Your mental, spiritual, and physical sides should all be in balance, or inspiration will suffer. Inspiration comes and goes, but balance must remain constant. 



      5. Learn: Knowledge is power. Cheesy but true. Inspiration comes by combining related or unrelated ideas together to produce a creative outcome. In order to be inspired, you must feed your brain knowledge so that it can use it in creative ways.


Solution: Read and talk to engaging people frequently. Also, there are a lot of interesting topics on youtube and google.






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