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Astha Singh's Album: Cosanuova

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Cosanuova is the meaning of two Italian words “Cosa” (a thing, something) and “nuova”(innovative, novel). We are a US based company and proud of it; so why an Italian name? As we founded the company, we knew we wanted to bring out the customers something new and innovative in terms of designs, pricing and service; We wanted offer an experience different to that of a traditional jewelry store. Given that Italians are globally recognized for their innovative designs and quality we found the perfect name Cosanuova. This store was created for the modern and in the know woman with a love for style, fashion, and a great deal. We understand that each woman has a unique style so we carefully curate our selection to bring you a breathtaking collection of designs which carry a style & elegance that compliments the wearer. We aim to be a friendly and welcoming place where you can browse without compromise and shop without hassle. Show more