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Career & Work 305 views Jan 21, 2017
Talent Acquisition is a major in the Human Resources Segment

Talent Acquisition has always been and will be a major player in the Human Resources segment. It could be thought of as the process that examines and evaluates a candidate’s inherent skills and adds him/her to the already present talent pool of the enterprise. The qualities that a recruiter checks for in an ideal candidate are knowledge, a presentable personality and the ability to learn and grow in the challenging situations. The manpower consultants that recruit people, hire them on the above mentioned traits.


In the world of talent management, talent acquisition is a key factor that determines the talent pool of the company. Acquiring, inducting, training and retaining talent are some of the key components. Employee retention has become a major challenge for the HR practitioners nowadays, something that was not so prevalent in the times before. The major cause triggering the employee or talent retention problem in the industry is the brain drain trend of the industry. Professionals feel tied up in their current jobs and seem to traverse to a company they feel will grow in. This usually happens because of the not-so–efficient HR policies of the organization. The low levels of employee engagement in an organization could also be the reason for such an exodus. Therefore, the process of acquiring people and inducting them into the ongoing process flow of the company is a task that must be handled very judiciously.    


Every potential candidate has some talent that is best suited for a particular job. It is the responsibility of the talent acquisition team to evaluate what job role suits a particular individual and then assigning a suitable role accordingly. Giving work to a person that does not have the aptitude for it only increases the cost to company. The employee either does not perform or leaves, costing the company a loss of hundreds of hours in hiring and re-training all over again. Along with the company, it proves out to be a discomfort for the one recruited as well. A consultancy firm specialized in recruiting understands this and keeps these things in mind before approaching a candidate for a job offer. There are three mistakes that occur in the process of talent acquisition which hampers the growth of professionals as well as the enterprises. Firstly, there is no clear understanding about the actual requirements of professionals in the industry due to which companies tend to hire and consequently, then, fire the recruited individuals. This leads to an instability in the recruiting system and a loss of employee confidence in the company.


Secondly, with the sole focus of earning profits and a complete disbelief of employment firms in the recruitment process there is a flood of consultancy firms making it easier for the unfit ones to get recruited.


And lastly, the companies today are focusing more on the quantity aspect rather than the quality which is damaging for both individuals and the enterprise. Thus, it is advisable that the companies should focus on maintaining the quality of talent management and should look for hiring right person for the right job.