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Consciousness & Awareness 1,896 views Aug 29, 2018
Road safety to the next level - what are the must-knows for dri

So you are a passionate driver, and you end up spending quite a lot of time on the road. However, regardless of how much time you actually find yourself behind the wheel on a daily basis, it’s essential for you to understand the importance of road safety and how you can excel at it. The number of drivers caught in car crash is not at all at a low level, so increasing precaution and awareness might make a positive change in this department. But what exactly are the must-knows of this subject? How can you actually ensure yourself of the best safety practices on the road? The following advice will make things a bit clearer on the recommended actions to be taken:


Stay visible at all times

Making sure your lights are working and they are working properly is a rule just as important as not drinking and driving or not texting while behind the wheel. A malfunctioning light on an unlighted highway can be a ticket for disaster. Check your vehicle’s lights every time you are ready to set off, and you won’t have visibility problems that may cause other vehicles to crash into yours.

Install a dash cam

Having a cam installed can be an extremely helpful thing, allowing you to have a far better view on everything on the road, and thus improve your own driving. This element also usually comes with a GPS feature, allowing emergency services to easily find your vehicle in case of an unfortunate event. Experts explain clearly how the installation of a Blackvue DR900s dash cam can be useful from various points of view. This car addition will not only provide you with increased visibility in certain scenarios, but will also be extremely useful when it comes to dealing with an incident that requires proof of your driving competences. During a less serious crash for example, having video footage of the entire event might provide you with the liability you need at that moment, and will also be useful when it comes to dealing with your insurance company. Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to vehicle cameras, so you will certainly find something affordable and practical, just search online to see which brands are most popular at the moment.     

Belt up - on the front and in the back

Putting on your belt while behind the wheel is already a thing that you shouldn’t think twice about doing, but what you should also consider is that it is your responsibility to make sure all passengers are driving safely in your car. Ask everyone you have in your auto to belt up, especially those that are sitting in the back, these being the ones who are most likely to overlook this specific aspect. An unbelted rear passenger is exposed to serious threats during an accident, even if it might not be that serious, and can also put the safety of those in front at risk during the collision. Just ask everyone if they have their belt one before starting the engine, you will be glad you have done so.

Avoid running on “empty” - check your gas tank

Running out of gas in the middle of a highway, where you are not able to stop safely nor to find a gas station in your proximity can be quite risky, and it may put you in danger. Running on an almost empty tank is never a good idea, even if you might not have that long of a drive ahead of you. Running out of fuel in unfamiliar areas or dangerous neighborhoods is also something that needs to be considered in terms of road safety, so always refill before you are preparing to go for a longer drive.

Rest during long journeys

As a great of a driver as you might be, tiredness can take you by surprise and affect your abilities to stay focused and drive in a safe manner. When you are on the road for a more than a couple of hours of non-stop driving, taking at least a 15 minutes break is advised. A moment of negligence can lead to a tragic event, so instead of being in a hurry and putting your safety at risk, create a careful driving itinerary and always take your breaks on time. According to recent statistics, more than 10 percent of accidents are caused by tired drivers, so this is certainly something to think about next time you have a long journey ahead of you.

Get your car inspected regularly

A neglected light in your dashboard, a postponed vehicle inspection, an unchanged part can all be the triggers of a dangerous accident that may live you with physical and financial concerns. An important rule when it comes to driving safely is to always get your car inspected with regularity. Often, major car issues cannot be observed before you are actually driving, and you could easily end up losing control of the wheel. A surprising number of drivers don’t actually pay attention to the relevance of through inspections, and many crashes have occurred due to this reason solely. Regardless of how old or new your car might be, make it a priority to have an expert look it at on a regular basis, and most of all, before long trips. This could save you from situations you would want to avoid.

While some car accidents cannot be prevented, precaution will in fact allow you to lower your risks of facing inconveniences on the road. If you love to drive, you should put safety above of everything else and that means actually following these few important tops. From buying a dash cam that can help you get out of an inconvenient situation and allow you to get a better view of the road to having your auto inspected, these are the sort of things you should be aware of in order to keep your status of safe driver.