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  • Old Redknapp: Alibi Bogba is worth the money


    Ali has contributed 10 goals to Tottenham this  coins fifa 17  season, and Borgba's league goal only 4.


    "I think Ali is worth £ 100 million now, and if Bogba is worth £ 90m, Ali is more. Ali is 20 years old! The child has  fifa 17 xbox one coins everything, he can score, but also for Teammates sent assists, running, dribbling, all aspects of Ali are doing very well, Ali is simply great!


    "They are not concerned about Ali? At that time no one to take away Ali is incredible, only 5 million  coins fifa 17  pounds ah! This is a cost-effective trading, Ali is a good player ah!


    Ali for some time with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester   fifa 17 ps4 coins  City linked together, the three giants will be Ali as the focus of this summer signings target. But the old mine believe that Ali will not like Bell and Modric like Tottenham.


    "Tottenham does not need to sell Ali, they are building a new stadium, the new stadium will be quite good, if Tottenham want to continue to make progress, they need to  buy fifa 17 coins maintain the integrity of the lineup in the next year or two to win the championship, so I Believe that Ali will stay in Tottenham.


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