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What we aim to do in the talent agency side of our social network is to take the best models, actors, and musicians from our social network, and submit their demo reels to casting directors.

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Our talent agency represents actors, models, and musicians. We find auditions for our clients by first creating a demo reel, then showcasing it to industry professionals. Talent scouts can view your online profile that includes all of your skills. If they are interested, we will book the audition. It’s $9 a week to join our database. So if you have what it takes, create a profile, post your video, pictures or music demo reel, and then contact us. To speak with one of our representatives about joining our talent agency contact us here.

Casting Directors

If you have a project and need to find talent to audition, feel free to search through the profiles and view any demos reels. If you find someone you wish to audition, send us a message with the description of the project, compensation, location, time, and phone number to be reached. We will communicate with our client, and if there is interest we will confirm the booking of the audition. Send a message here.

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