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Affiliate Marketer:

      • Get paid 25% commission when you refer someone to a paid subscription via your personal link. Also, when they refer someone (3 levels deep) 
      • Post your personal link on social media, cold emails, warm emails, friends, youtube videos, your website, advertisements, or by any means necessary. 
      • Get paid every Friday to your PayPal (paid subscriber must stay with UniqueThis for 30 days to account for refunds). 
      • Unlimited pay. 
      • Get paid recurringly for the life of the subscriber (as long as they keep their paid membership). Uncapped pay. 
      • Get paid when you (person 'A') refers  person 'B' and when person 'B' refers person 'C', and when 'B' refers person 'C'. Three levels deep with recurring pay for the life of the subscribers.
      • Be your own boss. Work whenever, whereever, and with whoever you want. Imagine if you brought in 1,000 paid subscribers!
      • Learn more on your personal affiliate page here

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