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Available Positions: 

Affiliate Marketer:

      • Get paid 5%-10% commission when you refer someone to a paid subscription via your personal link. Also, when they refer someone. 
      • Post your personal link on social media, cold emails, warm emails, friends, youtube videos.
      • Get paid every Friday to your PayPal (paid subscriber must stay with UniqueThis for 30 days to account for refunds). 
      • Unlimited pay. 
      • Get paid recurringly for the life of the subscriber (as long as they keep their paid membership). Uncapped pay. 
      • Get paid when you refer person 'A', and when 'A' refers person 'B', and when 'B' refers person 'C'. Three levels deep with recurring pay for the life of the subscribers.
      • Be your own boss. Work whenever, whereever, and with whoever you want. Imagine if you brought in 1,000 paid subscribers!
      • Learn more here


UniqueThis Institute Online Teacher:

      • Online school teacher through on demand courses, video chat, group classes.
      • Creates online courses of anything you want.
      • Get paid from your students. Unlimited pay. 
      • Can market your classes as you see fit. 
      • Must be advanced in one of the following topics listed here (contact us to add new categories): online school.

Past Unavailable Positions:

Operations Specialist:

      • Helps guide existing members and subscribers.
      • Master at email, phone, and social media communication.
      • Superior customer service. Coordinate information to the right department.
      • Improves UniqueThis member experience.
      • Monitors for unwanted content and adds content to UniqueThis as needed. 
      • Writes about topics in the news and creates articles that are engaging to UniqueThis members and beyond.
      • Admin activities.
      • Writes daily email newsletters of top content on UniqueThis including blogs, news, videos, products, top user posts.
      • Manages the UniqueThis Online Store operations.
      • Responds to customer service emails.


Marketing & Sales Specialist:

      • Gains new members and new upgraded subscribers.
      • Expert in all levels of UniqueThis products and services.
      • Must be a master phone and email communicator and is not afraid to upsell.
      • Takes inbound and outbound calls.
      • Does email marketing.
      • Manages UniqueThis social media pages for facebook, twiter, instagram, and youtube.
      • Gains new advertisers and new members in our education platform through outbound and inbound marketing. 
      • Responsible for sales, marketing, retention, SEO, and branding activities.
      • Responsible for increasing the number of paid subscribers and overall members.
      • Must have the ability to create short promotional videos designed for YouTube and social media.
      • Writes weekly email newsletters to advertisers. 


President and Chief Operating Officer:

      • Runs the entire day to day operations.
      • 2nd in charge of UniqueThis. 
      • Responsible for building UniqueThis as a whole.
      • Runs meetings (video and in person) with company executives on company goals and objectives.
      • Analyzes data.
      • Handles internal and external affairs.
      • Does chief financial officer duties
      • Does chief human resources duties.
      • Responsible for internal and external financial health. 
      • Responsible for making UniqueThis grow financially as a whole.
      • Must know tax regulations and implement corporate budget.
      • Implements investment strategies like stocks and real estate. 
      • Product and services development.


Chief Marketing & Sales Officer:

      • Responsible for all sales, marketing, retention, SEO, and branding activities.
      • In charge of increasing the number of paid subscribers and overall members.


Chief Technology Officer:

      • The highest ranking technology position and leads the technology and software engineering department.
      • Must have advanced knowledge of website coding, software development, app development, and servers.
      • Leads the development of technology strategies and teams that will create breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, nano technology, augmented reality and beyond. 

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