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  • World leaders react to Johnson election victory...

    Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have won big - here's how world leaders have responded so far.

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  • Divers deployed around volcano as six bodies found...

    Two bodies are missing as six are airlifted off the island - despite the risk of another eruption.

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  • NZ to recover volcano bodies despite eruption risk...

    Police are planning a "high-speed recovery" operation to White Island on Friday.

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  • 'There's nothing like it' - Meet Saudi Arabia's first certified female boxing coach - BBC Sport...

    Rasha Al Khamis speaks to BBC Sport about becoming Saudi Arabia's first certified female boxing coach.

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  • New volcanic activity slows NZ recovery efforts...

    Police says it's too dangerous to retrieve the eight people presumed dead that are still on the island.

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  • No-fly rule for Saudi students after US base attack...

    Flights for 300 aviation students are paused after the shooting at Pensacola left three sailors dead.

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  • Trump makes first Afghan trip for Thanksgiving...

    The unannounced visit to to meet US troops is the president's first time in the country.

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  • Turkey accuses Macron of sponsoring terrorism...

    Fresh tensions between France and Turkey come in the week before a Nato summit in London.

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  • Australian broadcaster Clive James dies aged 80...

    The critic, author, poet and TV host was known for his witty commentary on international television.

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