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Democratic debate live: Candidates face off in Iowa - CNNPolitics

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President Trump's decision to order the strike that killed a senior Iranian military commander gave rise to a new crisis in the Middle East — and is forcing Democratic presidential contenders for the first time to seriously detail their own views of foreign policy and the United States' role in the world.

Joe Biden's campaign is convinced this new reality helps the former vice president the most: He has decades of foreign policy experience and worked alongside former President Barack Obama to craft international deals like the Iran nuclear agreement, which Trump scrapped.

He has long argued he's the candidate best prepared to work effectively on the world stage immediately after taking office, and — in an effort to draw contrast with Trump — is emphasizing the stability he would offer in television ads, statements and campaign appearances.

But Bernie Sanders sees an opening, too: He's lambasted Biden for voting in 2002 to give then-President George W. Bush authority to use military force in Iraq. It's the issue that helped propel Obama past Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, and could retain some of its potency 12 years later.

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg — a US Navy Reserves veteran who served one tour in Afghanistan in 2014 — is emphasizing his own military credentials. He introduces himself "as a veteran" in a new Iowa TV spot.