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Live updates: New Jersey shooting - CNN

Socialapps.Tech 10 December 10, 2019

Det. Joseph Seals, a 15-year-veteran of the Jersey City Police Department, was killed in today's shooting, according to the city's Police Chief Michael Kelly.

“He was our leading police officer in removing guns from the street,” Kelly said. “Dozens and dozens of handguns, he is responsible for removing from the street.”

Seals was part of the Cease Fire Unit, which is a statewide anti-violence program aimed at confiscating illegal weapons and limiting gun crimes through community outreach, according to the unit’s website.

Seals was working when “he came upon bad guys," Kelly said.

“We believe that he was killed while trying to interdict these bad guys,” the police chief said.

Two other officers who were injured in the shooting have been treated and released from the hospital, Kelly said. Earlier, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop said three officers were injured. 

“You should know that the police department in Jersey City and our partners did an extraordinary job under very difficult circumstances under high-power rifle fire, where no other citizens in Jersey City were struck by gunfire and our police officers were brave until finally the threat was neutralized,” Kelly said.