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Boris Johnson returns to UK to face Parliament after Supreme Court ruling: Live updates

Socialapps.Tech 16 September 25, 2019

The Prime Minister keeps referring to the "surrender act," much to the anger of the opposition benches who are interrupting him by shouting "disgusting!" whenever he uses the term.

Johnson is referring to the law Parliament passed before the suspension, which requires him to seek an extension to Brexit if he can't get a deal before late October.

It is officially known as European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019, but most lawmakers refer to it as the Benn Act, after the MP who sponsored it.

It is designed to prevent the UK from crashing out of the European Union without a deal, a scenario economists, the Bank of England and the government itself say would damage the UK economy and hurt the poorest most.

Justine Greening, who was sacked from the Conservative Party for voting in favor of the law, said: "Continuing to call a bill this House has passed a 'surrender bill' is deeply disrespectful to this place."

Johnson said he calls the law "surrender act" because it was "intended to damage this country's negotiation position."

It would oblige us to stay in the EU for month after month at a cost of a billion pounds per month, it would take away from this country the ability to decide how long that extension would be, and it would give that power to the EU, it would absolutely undermine our ability to continue to negotiate because it takes away our ability to walk away from the negotiation."

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